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LG Refrigerator, Model: LFXS296226W
29 cu.ft. Ultra Capacity, 3-Door French Door with Dual Ice Makers

April 27, 2017

We bought this Model about 1-1/2 years (17 months) before we started having major problems. This purchase was based on some research along with the "Consumer Reports" rating. On Jan 15, 2017 the unit quit cooling and freezing. A service tech (whom LG advised us to use) said that there appeared to be a leak and it would have to removed and worked on... needs to be repaired. Then we noticed that we had purchased a Three-year "Extended Warranty" on two of three LG appliances we had purchased from Grand Appliance of Appleton WI at the same time (washer, dryer and refrigerator). Upon contacting Grand Appliance of Appleton WI we were told that there was nothing they could do. We would have to work thru and with NSI Protection Plus Insurance Co whom serviced the Extended Warranty sold to us by Grand Appliance Co. This is when the problems really started! The first repair visit on Jan 16, 2017 as stated above. The second "diagnostic" visit was on Jan 19, 2017. The third repair visit was on Feb 8, 2017 (over three weeks without a refrigerator-freezer already). A compressor and dryer assembly were replaced. The unit worked intermittently (had to set the frig temp at 30-degrees and the freezer temp at 6-below zero (as low as it would go). Food in the freezer never really froze solid. On March 22, 2017 the unit quit working completely. A fourth repair visit could not be rescheduled until April 4, 2017 (two more weeks). $974 worth of parts was ordered (Condenser, Compressor, Dryer assy, Evaporator and Main Board). On April 4, 2017, the fourth repair visit was made to install all of the above parts, which involved two repair technicians. One day later, April 5, 2017 it was 69-degrees inside the refrigerator/freezer. A fifth repair order was placed and on April 10, 2017 (another week later) the repair technician determined the unit non-repairable on April 10, 2017. A week later a call was made to the NSI Insurance Company to find out what was happening with a determination on the insurance policy. I was then offered and accepted a new replacement of the same make and model. Now another week has passed and still no further information about the replacement. Well over three (3) months without a refrigerator that does not work at all or only works intermittently, letting freezer foods get soft! Maybe all LG employees should experience these problems and see what a hardship this causes . . . food spoilage, moving foods to other neighbors and relatives refrigerators and freezers (some 10-miles away), extensive clean-up on two occasions, and all the time that we lost waiting on parts (1 to 3 weeks) and repairs, running to neighbors and relatives, the hardships of having family and friends over, preparing snacks and meals, making repair calls, many follow-ups with NSI Protection Plus Insurance Co. They never contacted us, to keep us informed on anything! These were the first LG appliances I have ever purchased . . . never again. This was the first time I ever purchased an Extended Warranty . . . never again. There was no “customer service” from any of the parties involved in this very disappointing ordeal. After another call, I was just informed that a replacement refrigerator should arrive May 3, 2017. We will see if it happens??? Four months without a working refrigerator!

A brief summary of the above.
8/31/15: Delivery of a new LG refrigerator, washer and dryer with Extended Warranty on the refrigerator. $2, 389
Refrigerator Warranty: $249
1/15/17: Refrigerator Quit freezing and cooling. (16-1/2 months after purchase).
1/16/17: Non-warranty Company made service call # 1 to home. $83.95
1/19/17: A & E Factory Service (NSI Insurance Co) service call # 2. $303.95
2/8/17: A & E Factory Service (NSI Insurance Co) service call # 3. $745.63
2-8-17 to 3-22-17: Worked intermittingly, not cooling or freezing at proper levels. Made service call.
4/4/17: A & E Factory Service (NSI Insurance Co) service call # 4. Repairs made. Never worked. $1, 288.41
4/10/17: A & E Factory Service (NSI Insurance Co) service call # 5. Declared Non-repairable.
4/17/17: Called NSI Insurance Co to complain. Promised a brand new refrigerator of same make & model.
4/25/17: Filed a complaint with LG.
4/27/17: Called Grand Appliance & TV of Appleton WI to see if they could help me get some answers. They informed me that they had a new refrigerator arriving on May 2 ready to be delivered on May 3.

Four months without a working refrigerator!

Apr 27, 2017

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