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LG Electronics Canada / broken washing machine

Rl Apr 22, 2014

Our relatively new front loading washing machine broke three months ago. For the last twelve weeks, we have logged over 30 calls to LG; have dealt with three service repair companies (two companies directly affiliated and sent out by LG); and have had eight service calls to our home to attempt to repair the machine. Every time we contact a representative at the company for information or for an update, we receive conflicting information about the status of our situation. We are almost always re-routed to a different client care representative. In each instance, we have to provide them with the detailed history of our situation, but this continuously leads us nowhere in the process. Most recently, we sent a letter to LG, but have not received a response.

Almost every part of our washing machine has been replaced however our machine is still broken and in pieces. As a family of six, including four young children, we are extremely dissatisfied with how this matter has been dealt with by the company.

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