Lexus / no help with blown transmission

United States

I recently had the pleasure of paying for a complete transmission rebuild on my son's 2001 rx 300. At first glance, one might say the car is old so what's the big deal. The transmission is flawed and has inadequate flow for cooling so in the long run it becomes so hot it fails|.

A total rebuild with an external fluid cooler was required to cool appropriately|. Customer service declined any help in covering the $4100 cost?.

I'll pursue a little further before reporting to government agency for recall evaluation!.

I have 3 lexuses and if I wanted my transmission to fail, I would have bought a chrysler/. My loyalty, if not reciprocated, will move to another more deserving brand'. I will purchase 3 new vehicles in the next 4 years and the revenue lexus loses will exceed any reimbursement". My son saved his own money and to have a 40 precent repair of a well-cared for and well maintained vehicle is devastating to a young man just getting started and his brand loyalty is in question.


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