Levin Furniturethey do not make good on their warranties

I bought a Sealy mattress from Levin in 2002. I am not very happy with them right now. Including the mattress I bought in 2002 they are going to replace my mattress for the fourth time. The name of the mattress I originally bought they discontinued selling.I guess because there were so many problems with that type of mattress? Well, here is my problem. Levin gave me a 20 yr warranty and Sealy a 10 yr warranty. Remember the mattresses only lasted about 2 yrs for each one before they had to replace it again and again. So, Levin and Sealy said they would replace it again for the forth time, but I have to pay money difference because they no longer have the name brand I orginally bought. Well, I do not think I should have to pay anything towards another mattress that has a 10 to 20 yr warranty. It is not my fault that Sealys mattress only lasted for 2yrs at a time. Now after 7 yrs., of course, prices of mattresses have gone up and they discontinued my brand of mattress, I will have to pick a different name brand and pay the difference from the original price I paid in 2002. So, bottom line to this is I have had now three mattress that were defective and they discontinued the brand I had so they want me to pay the price for all that I had to go through. I understand that if I had the same mattress for at least 7 yrs maybe just maybe I would have to pay a money difference, but they only lasted about two yrs at a time. Remember they also said I had a 10 to 20 yr warranty. So, tell me what good are Sealys or Levins warranties? I called Sealy also and they said well that is just what I have to do as far as paying the money difference because that is what Levin wants. Sealy said it is all up to Levin in making that decision as far as me paying the extra money. So, again don't believe Sealys warranties and REALLY don't believe Levins warranties. My son is in the market for a new box springs and mattress, I told him don't get a Sealy or go to Levins. They do not make good on their warranties.


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