LetGo / let go staff suspending my account for no reason and will not respond

I have been a long time seller and attempted to login to my account and it says my account is under review. I have contacted and requested reason why my account is under review and not allowed to login. I am constantly receiving emails stating people are messaging me about my items for sale but I cannot login to assist them. I have only received one email as follows.

Joanne (letgo)

Mar 17, 12:18 CET

Thanks for contacting letgo!

Sorry you're having trouble accessing your account. In review, your account has been suspended for one of the following possible reasons:
• harassment/offensive language
• content that may violate our terms and conditions
• multiple reports of the account/products

If you have any problems or questions, just let us know.

Best regards,

letgo Customer Care

I have responded to Joanne and let her know that I have not violated any of those rules and requested proof. I have yet to hear anything back and still cannot login to my account.

I am still very curious why the staff can just close someone's account without any reason. If there is a reason, I request to be given an explanation and proof since I have clearly never been in violation to any of the terms by letgo.

Mar 23, 2017

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