LetGoiphone 8 red

The seller has an Indian accent and lives in Newark.
His name is Frank and his phone number is [protected]
But on letgo App his account is Iris Maldonado.
My boyfriend bought an amazon gift card of U$300, 00 at Walgreens and sent him the picture of the card.
As soon as he sent him the picture he said the he needed another gift card of $150, 00 so customs would give the receipt for the phone.
I asked for his email and he said it's confidencial, so I asked for better instructions by text because his English is very bad and I wanted to make sure I understood the whole scam...
I told this guy Frank that my boyfriend could only get the gift card the next day so now his saying that customs is gonna be more expensive because it's the next day.
Is there any chance my boyfriend can get the bank to return his money? I mean, he bought the amazon card with his debit card... maybe if we talk to the bank and amazon and revert this $300, 00 to buy something on amazon...
Please, report this guy and try to alert other noeve people...
If you need any contact with us please contact by email: [protected] or by phone [protected]

Nov 25, 2018

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