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Letgo / handyman service, jack of all trades under services, collected pymt, service and product not delivered

1 told me he was coming from Crafton, Pa, United States
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Paid for cleanout of attic and cellar storage area to "Aaron" on September 14th in the amount of $60.00 for 2 hours and 15 minutes of work. He did what I needed him to do, but couldn't stay any longer to do other projects like cleaning out the gutters and pressure washing my patio, but he would come back at another date. I asked him if he could put new insulation in attic for me, said he would. He texted me with info on a friend of his who had leftover insulation from a job he finished, and would be willing to sell it to me to get it out of his warehouse. First he told me his friend was asking $800. when I checked prices at several home improvement stores, that was about the cost of buying it new from them, within $50.00 plus tax. When I texted him about my findings, he came back with "ah, I didn't finish my text, he is only asking 175.00, but has to know right away". I agreed after it was determined how many bales he had and the thickness of them. He told me he had 11 bales, I would need to purchase another 4 or 5 rolls to finish the job. While I was waiting for him, I went to purchase the 4 extra bales I would need for him to finish the job (Home Depot). I met him and gave Aaron a check for $175.00. Aaron texted me and told me he tried several places, they wouldn't cash the check, so he told me his friend wanted cash, Aaron would come to my house and get it the next day. He did. I gave him $180.00, $5 for his trouble. Next day he asked me if I could prepay him for part of the labor because that's how much he needed in order to get tires put on his truck, I didn't think that he was a thief until after I met him with a check for $100 which I made out to him, they told him at my bank that they wouldn't cash it unless he opened up an account with them. The following morning I got a call from the bank asking me if I authorized the bank to cash the check. I agreed because I needed to get the work started. Aaron then told me they wouldnt let him withdraw any money, he didn't know how long it would be before he could get the money out, so he couldn't start the job for a while. I called the bank the next day and they told me he withdrew everything except the minimum required balance of $25.00. I texted him back re: my conversation with bank, he got mad that they gave me personal information about his account. Then he blocked me on letgo so that I now can't communicate with him. I trusted him, but got robbed of both the cost of the insulation and the labor charge totaling $280.00. The date that he did the cleanout for me was September 14th, 2018. The date he was scheduled to do the attic insulation varied...initially planned on Sept 17th, then pd him on Sept 22nd check cleared my bank, I received the copy of cancelled check this past Saturday. All texts should be accessible in my account verifying my account of the set-up, and then the theft. When I was supposed to meet him with my check, I asked him for a phone number to reach him in case I was late. He gave me his girlfriends number which I did reach him on one occasion. That number is [protected]. I would like my money back, of course. I would also like him to be taken off Letgo so he doesn't do the same thing to another unsuspecting senior. The instructions told me that Letgo could supply me with everything I needed to file a police report, I don't know how to get the copy of the chats off of the website.

Oct 15, 2018

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