Leon's / whirlpool duet front loader washing machine

Guelph, ON, Canada

I have had a washing machine that has been showing the same error code F2 E3 since July of 2014 I purchased the washing machine in April of 2013..I have been on the phone between 15 to 20 times with Leon's extended warranty trying to have someone help either replace my machine or fix my problem, in which I've spent hours on hold between them 15-20 times in problem is still not fixed as of September 27, 2014 and I am a very dissatisfied customer...I have had 3 different technicians come out to my home to "fix" my machine from two different companies...standard appliances came out and took two weeks to order me a new counter board and lock clip
which solved the issue for about three weeks...The second technician came from Home appliances he stayed for five minutes and said that he thought I didn't have the washer on a sturdy enough platform and was ordering a new counter board, enough said I waited with no phone calls, so I called the Leon's extended warranty yet again, on their lovely suggestion box it was noted I needed to move the machine from the platform and put it on the floor and see how it worked and then call home appliances and let them know if there were any changes in which there weren't but it would have been nice for the technician to inform me that this should have been done so that I could try and have this resolved sooner...I called them back and they sent another technician from home appliances who showed me on his tablet what the error code was the water pressure gauge apparently or a loose connection so he fiddled with the cords and said if it did the error code again he would call me at 8am to see if it had occurred in which I recieved no phone call from the I called home appliances to leave a message to let them know that their technician had not called me back as said that he would...she then said she would send out another technician..I said I do not want another technician he current technician has told me exactly what part my machine she proceeded to put me on hold to speak with the technician...he said he would call me to schedule an appointment as soon as he gets the he comes out to my home says he tested the new part and compared it to the part on the machine and said that he cannot replace a part if the machine does not show that it needs he said he made sure that the wires were all secure and that that was my underlying problem...I took a break from my machine until today Saturday September 27.2014 in which after 2 loads of laundry my washer err red out I'm very irate by now and I called the general manager from Leon's who informed me that he'll call me back on Tuesday after he speaks with Leon's extended warranty to try and resolve my problems...he said that they may try and replace the washing machine but they no longer sell my make and model and was wondering if I would be ok with a newer make and model but I would have to pay a difference they would possibly pay the percentage of 50-70...I bought a machine not so that I could put money towards another machine I should not have to pay any difference of anything...he said they also may want to keep trying to ficx the machine w
ith technicians...

Sep 27, 2014

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