Legalzoom.comregistered agent fees

Legal Zoom is a mess of a company! Their reps DO NOT know what they are talking about. I tried to start an LLC with them and they delayed the filling by more than a month, when I called them, they kept claiming that it was my state of California causing the delay, and this was NOT true! I was able to file another LLC on my own in only 4 days for a 1/5 of the price! They lied to me multiple times and refused to give me a refund because according to them "the state had the paperwork and they could not do anything about it". I was told by more than one person at the secretary of state office that ALL legal zoom had to do was send them email with a request to pull my application, which can then lead to legal zoom giving me a refund. DO you think they did it? Of course NOT, because they are thieves and I pray that karma gets this company! This is on top of their misleading registered agent fees, which like many before me, I was duped into signing up for! I REGRET doing business with you, I've never had a worse experience.

Dec 04, 2018

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