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confirmation that pardon application is active

Pardons Canada
attn: Andrew Tea

This is to confirm that I DO NOT want my Request for Pardon file to be shredded! Please ensure that my file is ACTIVE and being Processed.

I have been in contact with Pardons Canada consistently since my initial application and for some reason myriad of my e-mail contacts and as well my phone calls have not been acknowledged. As well, my local RCMP Detachment have advised me that they also have not received acknowledgement of their correspondence to Pardons Canada.

I have paid too much money to Pardons Canada for them not to continue processing my Request for a Pardon.

Also, be informed that I was married last month, ergo my last name is now Katherine JMA Underhill-Way.

Please confirm receipt of this message and that I am not being scammed

Katherine Underhill-Way

Subject: Avoid Your File Being Shredded - Final Notice 30 days
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2019 11:07:07 -0400 (EDT)
From: Andrew - Pardons Canada
Reply-To: [protected]
To: [protected]

Katherine Underhill

If you have already responded to the previous email notice, then please disregard this email.

We are following up regarding an email sent over 2 months ago. We notified you that your file is inactive and pending processing in our office.

Due to our privacy policy, your file will be shredded in 30 days.

It would be a shame to lose the value of your original payment and work we have completed to date.

Please contact us within the next 30 days to avoid your file being shredded.

Here is a recent article showing how we help people in the same situation as you:
How Long Does It Take to Get a Pardon

We have helped thousands of people just like you to remove criminal records. Here are thank you letters from showing how great it feels once the pardon or waiver is granted: Letters of Freedom

Whether you have not yet done your prints, can't remember specific dates you were charged or are having difficulty following the instructions included in your package, there is a solution and we can help. Simply call us at [protected] x1 or reply directly to this email.

Andrew Tea
Outreach Co-ordinator
Pardons Canada
Head Office:
45 St. Clair Avenue West, Suite 901
Toronto ON M4V 1K9
Tel: [protected] x1
[protected] x1
Email: [protected]

Government Links:
Parole Board of Canada
Department of Homeland Security
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Subject: Avoid Your File Being Shredded - Final Notice 30 days
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2019 11:07:07 -0400 (EDT)
From: Andrew - Pardons Canada
Reply-To: [protected]
To: [protected]

Waiver services

It has been a year since i first paid what i thought was 250$ for initial service that included waiver application. then received receipt for total taken from credit card of 890$...

Asking advice

Hi I have emailed and they called me. I have debating back and forty whether to give them the money to get me in the United States for something stupid I did when I was young and I have been good and no I was trafficking it was personal use very small. I don't even know to find out if I would be turned away.Andrew says I would be at the border but how would I got get a waiver don't have a money for lawyer to get me back in the Us it would be all me to do the worth and it's very important I go the US have good reasons now just asking advice should I go through. Pardons Canada for US waiver or go some other way and not sure where to go to do all that any help would be appreciated.

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    skywol Nov 07, 2016

    stay in school and no do not use

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  • Pa
    Pardons Canada Nov 18, 2016

    We have been helping people for 25 years and have over 30 staff at our head office in Toronto.
    You can call us direct at 1877-929-6011 x3

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federal pardons canadapardon

paid for services NOT rendered by F.P.C. in Feb. 2011, no status updates when requested, done everything required of me to the letter, such as having prints taken for RCMP, also background check fees for Toronto Police and a second set of prints for the process promised from FPC ONLY TO BE COMPLETELY LEFT IN THE DARK by this so called business.I was promised, in the companys ad. there was a 100 percent money back guarantee...They wont respond to any communication and its painfully obvious these people, namely Carla Lopes and Alex Keeling are really something other than what they say they are...I NEED HELP to go after these fraudsters...who do I turn to?

  • Pa
    Pardons Canada Nov 18, 2016

    You are mistaking Pardons Canada for another agency.
    We have been helping Canadians remove criminal records for over 25 years.
    You can call us directly at 1877-929-6011 x3

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Misleading... Liars!!! Andrew t is a straight out liar... Record all calls to him because he will lie to you. The fee you pay pardons Canada will cover them filling out your...

federal pardons canada — rip off

I applied for a urgent pardon/waiver package over 15mths ago. Guess what still nothing, this company is a joke they don't advise you on the status of your file, they have...