Legal Zoom / Complete misrepresentation of charges to my account

United States

I have logged onto my Legal zoom account and see that I somehow owe money? I paid a fee (rather large one at that) in full to your company for a service. Then I was charged an additional $159.00 that I was not made aware would be charged to my account. I let it go thinking perhaps it was an oversight, but now it is saying that I owe this $159.00 AGAIN?!?! I do no t see how this is in keeping with you "NO SURPRISE FEES" GUARANTEE. The fee is for a Registered Agency renewal fee? I did not or do not wish to have this service. It was absolutely a surprise fee. And the worst part is there is NO option for me to opt out of this service, which seems very shady to me. How can there be no option for me to elect out of a service that I wasn't even aware existed on my account? My faith in your company has been shattered. I would like the charges removed from my account. I would also like to delete or close my account all together. I am extremely disappointed in this service as you state "NO SURPRISE FEES". I have never been so disappointed in a company, especially one that tries to promote the image of "complete transparency" and "No Surprises". I expected more from a company that is suppose to be at the top of their respective industry. I considered myself a loyal customer, but now I don't think I would ever even consider recommending your services to ANYONE. I AM A TOTALLY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER.

Apr 15, 2013

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