Lease Finance Group LLC / lease agreement

Santa Clara, CA, United States

This same thing happened to me! I called numerous times and told them that I wanted to send the equipment back but they refused to give me the address in New York! they also wanted me to pay the balance of the lease. I have used this machine once in the 4 years I have had it and it was complicated and they charged me more than the agent told me they would. This company is predatory. Avoid them at all costs. Which is hard to do because the sales representative from the credit card processing company is the one that scams you into signing with LFG. Then they claim to have no association with the lease company. I wonder then, how did LFG get my paperwork? These people are very good at their scam with their “Non-Cancelable Lease”. What the hell is that? Who in their right mind would ever, knowingly, sign a non-cancelable lease for anything?! I, and the hundreds of other people that have fallen victim to this vermin, may be ignorant, but it is clearly a fraudulent practice. WHY HAVE THEY BEEN ALLOWED TO CONTINUE VICTIMIZING PEOPLE?!?! Please write the Illinois State Attorney General and file a complaint if you have fallen prey to this group of vile individuals.

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