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Lease Finance Group / scam artists - warning warning warning

1 233 North Michigan Ave. #1800Chicago, IL, United States Review updated:

On June 17th 2005 a person by the name of Jenny Cason came to my business location stating she represented "NPMG- A registered ISO/MSP of JP Morgan Chase". She attempted to sell me credit card processing services to which I was interested. We started to fill out the paperwork and she began to gather the necessary information from me and only after this point did she state I would need to purchase a machine from her at $129 per month. I declined the offer because I already had a system and the two systems (mine and hers) were not compatible. Again, at this time and prior to signing anything, I declined the offer.

I had provided my name and financial information for qualification purposes but I never signed a contract. In fact, on June 18th 2005 I faxed a letter to Ms. Cason stating she was not to use any of the information provided as I realized at that time she had taken personal information and documents with her, including a voided check. The reason I got suspicious was because I tried to reach her at the number provided on her business card and the phone number would loop me through various voicemails, none of which belonged to her. At this point I began to suspect illegal activities. Immediately I faxed her a letter to the fax number provided on her business card stating what happened and that I do not authorize use of my personal information by use of her company. I have documentation relaying this information as well. (Copies, fax logs, etc.)

Next month I noticed debits made to my account by a company by the name of National Proc, which was making withdrawals on behalf of Leasing Financial Group.

On June 28th 2005, CIT Financial USA, Inc. d/b/a Lease Finance Group mailed me a letter stating they planned to debit my bank account on a regular basis for a term of 48 months. I sent them a letter stating that I had never signed an agreement, do not have a copy of a contract, I am not receiving services from their company, nor did I receive product. As it turns out, on June 27th 2005 this company had already debited my account, so their letter was in fact, mailed after the fact.

I contested the charge with my bank and froze my account so further withdrawals could not be made. I now find that this company attacked my credit score by allowing a third party collection agency to purchase a debt that should have never existed. The Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau purchased the debt and are being accused of poor business practices, by myself, as well.

Also, doing my own research on LFG, I have determined that this is a common scam set up by the company as there are nearly 1000 BBB files on them and numerous reports at [redacted].com,, etc. if you are interested in further information. In fact, I am not the only person to claim one of the agents is responsible for forging signatures with the company following through on these false cases.

Additionally, when you call the receptionist you are never transferred to a real person, I am always transferred to a voicemail, a fax line, or given a number that does not seem to exist. I would like this taken care of, but no one seems to be very helpful at all. Hopefully the BBB plans to handle this and forward their investigation to the proper authorities (The Attorney General's Office, Federal Trade Commission, etc.) in order to stop this company from doing business like this.

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  • St
      23rd of May, 2009
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    No--THey won't do anything. YOU, , , , Yeah U... have to file the complaint with the attorney general. This problem with LFG will not go away. Mine went away after 25 months. be prepared. you must stay in this for the long haul. if you need help call me...jason hitch 217.344.9179

  • Mi
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    File a forgery report with the local police and submit that with any paperwork you receive. Also follow what Jason says to do he and I both got out of our "contracts" but it was not easy

  • Ra
      6th of Oct, 2009
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    I have submitted report, I know it's early but they still keep calling and telling me it's my last chance to get out for $4000. It keeps going higher and higher. Did you go through this?

  • Ma
      19th of Feb, 2010
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    I need help bad this company has ruined my life they have forged my signature and when I have given them all the proof they still wont stop harrasing me. I am in canada. I signed a contract with them to recieve a machine with them and they told me I would recieve it within 2 weeks but unfortunately I had to close my restaurant. They claim that they sent the machine but when I ask them for the proof of delivery it was sent a year later and someone signed my name. I have letters from the owner who I had rented the restaurant from stating that I was no longer on the premisses and the lfg documents are all wrong the dates are wrong they have taken over 500$ from my account now its closed.
    What am to do? Can someone help me?
    When I spoke the person from LFG (he is from New York I am from Montreal Quebec, Canada) He told me that I would have to go to court there. Is this a [censored]in joke. If someone can help me or give me advice call me 514-303-5409

  • An
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    Hi masaleigh,
    First and foremost, you must file an official Identity Theft Report with your police department. This way, they cannot sell the 'debt' to a collection agency that will attack your credit score, because they will do that. To get your money back without going to court, you must file a chargeback with your bank within 120 days after the date of loss. If you are over this time, you will need to file in court. As this is a breach of contract issue, you may have up to 4 years to file and you can file in your town, where the breach of contract occurred. This way you can file in your hometown, but you will have to officially serve the company in New York. Check you local court websites for further instructions and check out the court website for New York to determine what constitutes an official service notice.

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