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I recently bought a Leafguard system. I needed gutters so I got a quote for traditional gutters and then the Leafguard. After the salesman went through his charade of calling the manager for discounts (took a page out of the Kirby vacuum people), we agreed on a price (5X higher than traditional gutters, but I felt the product was superior and had a "warranty" (I'll explain the quotes later). I scheduled the install for about a month later on a Friday. I told my wife to take the day off of work.
I spent some time going over the quote and noticed that I was being charged for an extra 12 feet of downspout (at $13 a foot!). I called the salesman and said I wanted this adjusted and he said he would make it right. Keep and eye out for this.
On the Thursday before the scheduled day, I received a call saying they wanted to install that day. I said No because I have 3 dogs that will be upset with the noise and frankly I want someone home when people I don't know are working on the house (who know I am not home). We agreed on the original plan which was the next day. Well, on Friday no one showed up. Around noon, I received a call from "Joe" saying the "truck broke down" and they wouldn't be coming, but they would be coming tomorrow by 8. Well, by this point, my wife had already missed a day of work waiting around for nothing.
On Saturday, my day off, I got up early at 7:30 to meet the crew (expecting them to be there at 8). At 10:00 they finally showed up. They also informed me that they didn't have all the parts that were quoted. I guess they didn't know they needed them?? They had 1 of the 4 drain guards (at $130 each). Now, I had previous plans for this day at 1:00 pm (which is why I scheduled the install for the day before), to adopt a dog. I now had to leave the crew at the house with my dogs barking (they made a mess of the house which I was trying to avoid), and this turned what should have been a happy experience into a very unconfortable and stressful one.
At one point, I was told that I needed additional work done. I had to have some strips of wood installed to build up the facing. Joe told me that this would normally cost $500-600, but because I was charged for extra downspouts he would wash it out. He said how he would have to go buy the wood and what a hassle it was. Now, I am not an idiot. I know this was not $600 worth of work. It was installing a 2" strip of PVC, but I guessed it was worth the $156 in downspout so I agreed. Then, magically, they already had the wood!! Like this happens all the time! What a con, haha.
When I returned home the job was done, but it was dark out so I couldn't inspect the work. The next morning, I was really unhappy. I had a crooked downspout (and not slightly). There were missing screws in retaining brackets, they left open holes where the old downspouts were, and the front gutter didn't appear to be pitched. I immediately called on Monday to voice my concerns. I said when they came back to install the missing drain guards these issues needed to be corrected.
I then received a call from Synchrony (financing company) to verify the charge. I was kind of surprised that they were charging me before the job was completed. I told the representative that. I was also informed that there was a $29 processing fee for the financing (I guess I signed it, but they slipped it in with all the other paperwork), another happy surprise.
The second visit was scheduled for the next Tuesday (over a week later). I told my wife to take the morning off of work for the same aforementioned reasons. Well, on that Tuesday, that was a No-show-No-call. This is what I have come to expect at this point. I was enraged at this point because now I have been charged, the job wasn't done, and my wife has missed 1 ½ days of work!!
The next day, Joe called me and apologized, I didn't care. They were scheduled again for Saturday. Saturday rained, so they rescheduled for the next week. Now, this is 3 weeks, I have been charged, and the job isn't done.
The next week, Joe called me at 8:00 and said the crew was on their way. I called my wife and told her to get up. Then the crew called me and said they would be there at 2:00???? I finally lost it and started getting aggressive. Joe then called me back and said it was a mistake and they were on their way. This company is so disorganized it would be comical if it wasn't actively happening. They did show up eventually and installed the drain guards, and supposed fixed my punch list. I came home to find that the downspot was still crooked (more open holes punched into my house), and they didn't install the missing screws, in fact they removed more of them??
I was so angry at this point, I contemplated consulting a lawyer and having everything removed and restored to the original condition. During all this drama, I was calling the national office daily(because the local office never answers the phone)trying to sort this out.
Finally, the crew came back a third time on a Saturday when I was home. I pointed out to Joe all the issues that needed to be corrected (now I am the angry customer, because they made me that way). Finally, 5 weeks later the job was complete.
Throughout the process, whenever I spoke with the national office, I was told that I was going to be contacted by the district representative Adam. Expectedly, he never called. I was probably told 5 times he was going to call, he finally called me at the end after I told the office that I wanted some sort of compensation as good faith because my wife lost money taking time off of work for no reason. I was offered a $100 restaurant gift card. It wasn't what I was expecting (my wife lost hundreds), but I figured this is all was going to get from this ridiculous company.
It has now been 3 weeks, 2 calls to the national office, and I have not received the $100 card. They can't even do that right!! I was expecting a $100 card because of all the mistakes and negligence I had to endure, and they screw that up!!! It is beyond belief that this is how an actual company is run. I guess the gutters work ok (I have leaves in the drain guards), but everytime I look at the gutters I think about the stress these things have caused me and how they ruined the experience of adopting a new dog. Nothing can repair that.
I am assured that if I ever need anything from them in the way of service, just call and they will be right there to take care of it! Hahaha, why would I ever expect them to come and repair them when they are not even capable of installing them correctly? They have no regard for the customer, the property, or even the company's reputation. It it pretty sad that this is an A+ company. What a joke.

Dec 01, 2018
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      Apr 24, 2019

    They just tried to rip me off. I had a guy come over and stayed 3 hours pushing this thing. I blame myself for going along with it. I finally signed all the documents, but couldn't sleep that night because I just felt like something was off with the whole thing.

    I woke up the next morning, did a stop payment on the down payment check, and informed the salesman and his manager via text that I was cancelling the contract and not going through with it.

    Lo and behold, I checked my bank the next day and the jerks tried to cash my check. I just found out by searching online that the deposit is supposedly Non-Refundable. They didn't mention that at all. Thank God I did a stop payment or they would have taken my $1, 500 down payment.

    What a slimy company. I will make sure to tell everyone I know to steer clear of them.

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