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Lcbo Sarnia / your customer service is despicable. government power-tripping workers

1 Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

On November 1, 2016 around 8pm, my 24 year-old son and I went for our biweekly visit to the LCBO to pick up some well-deserved beer after a long, hard day of work. My son was helping me unload the 20 bottles of beer onto the counter, and as a result the Customer Service Cashier asked to see his identification. He did not have it on him at the time, as he rarely gets asked for ID, and I figured I was with him anyway to purchase MY beer (he doesn't even drink, which makes it funny)...But because he touched the bottles, he had to show proof of 19 years of age. The woman, by the name of Janet, then stated she would not be able to sell us the beer unless he came back with ID. Does my 50 years of age not mean anything? Fine, I have had this happen before with my daughter, and the previous cashiers were nice and allowed the sale, but gave a warning that in the future ID would be required.
So out of frustration my son had commented in a regular tone of voice directed at me, not directed to Janet, muttered "well this is bullcrap". No yelling involved, just a calm response.

We drove 20 min back home to get his ID and returned to the same location at approx. 8:30pm to gather up our beer. As we walked into the store, the 3 cashier attendants stood at their counters and stared us down. Janet stated "Oh, you decided to come back?" to which we responded "Yes, we're back for our beer".
Janet (in a snarky way): "Well I'm sorry, we will not be selling you beer tonight"
Me: "Well, why not?"
Janet: "As a result of the previous comments you made during your earlier visit!"

We tried to defend ourselves that the "this is bullcrap" comment my son made was not directed to her, but he basically just whispered that to me in a calm manner. There were no inappropriate actions made and these ladies, blatantly laughing at this point about the situation as were were angrily walking out, were simply taking advantage of their government-controlled job to piss customers off instead of quickly just selling us our beer and carrying on with the night. They didn't even attempt to resolve the situation.

Listen, I work in customer service, so I understand some people can be difficult to deal with, but there was no harassment involved here where Janet had any reasoning to refuse a sale. LCBO needs to step up their customer service and not pretend to act as Police Officers that hold the power to sell me alcohol. I wish that one day Canada will become more like the United States where I could just walk down the street to my local convenience store and grab a case when I feel like it- instead, I am being told, because Janet is overly sensitive, that she will not serve me. Not returning to this location after such a ridiculously absurd experience.

Nov 7, 2016

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