LBC Express / late delivery

Dear LBC,

Am waiting for my parcel supposedly for delivery last 4/1, unfortunately i've checked your website for the status of my tracking and it says "We tried to deliver your shipment but office was closed. LBC will deliver the next business day". I was actually surprised coz am at the office the whole day and no one from LBC came in. You representative should have called me to check if there's really no one in the office to received the item. Btw, I called your hotline on 4/1 around 4:30pm and the cust. service told me that it will be delivered on Monday 4/3. I called up earlier to follow-up status but then again your representative says that they don't have update regarding the parcel. She just advised me to call again or wait for the delivery but no commitment if when it will be delivered. Can anyone help me track the status of my parcel please.

Apr 03, 2017

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