Lazboy / beware of special orders

United States

I had to special order two pieces of a leather sectional sofa that I purchased from La-Z-Boy back in December 2009. I had to pay for the items upfront before they could be ordered. I was told by the saleswoman that it would take 2 months to receive the pieces. It has been 3 months and still no furniture. I was told today that I would have to wait at least another 4-6 weeks for the items to ship from China. Each time we contacted them, we have received a different lie ( excuse me, response) from them. We have been told that our saleslady was not in and that there was nobody else who could check the computer and give me an answer. I don't guess it really matters to La-Z-Boy at this point, but it matters to me, and hopefully their legal department when the receive suit papers from my attorney next month. Buyer beware!!!

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