Lazada, Phil Pebble Steel Watch / wrong pricing on items posted on their website

ManilaPh, Philippines

In reply to your email.., FYI it is not the fault of customer if your website LAZAD, Phil posted wrong information specifically prices of your items. In fact, when i made that order and processed my payment it's your company who made the computations that was charged to my credit card. And we have waited for a long time (20days) only to find out that it was only cancelled. Indeed you have NO RIGHT TO CANCEL especially the fault lies on your end(computations you made was wrong), NEVERTHELESS a matter of wrong pricing posted on your website. And please DON'T put the blame on us (customer) for your INEPTNESS in posting something on your website Informations that are UNTRUE and UNTRUSTWORTHY. Well sad to say that WHATEVER ILLOGICAL explanation you did, I'm really so disgusted.

Jan 27, 2015

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