LATAM Airlines / LAN Airlinesflight home from brazil to australia on 20th july - 23 july

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Donna Nayler, I am writing to you in absolute disbelief as to my experience with your airline.

I paid $2600 Australian dollars to travel to Brazil and return back to Australia.
The flights were chosen to ensure I got their quickly and with minimal transit stop over time as I was traveling alone and the initial 35 hours was long enough.

My flight over was ok. Every flight was delayed by an hour or so but I stayed on track for my arrival. I was happy.

I am now extremely unhappy and writing to you as I am sill recovering emotionally and physically from the 66 hours to get back to Australia! Why? Because of Latam airline! I was due home on Saturday 21st and eventually arrived home on Monday 23rd .
I lost income due to not making it back to my job on time. Let alone I can never get the time back I spent in transit crying and distressed. I was mentally stressed and have been unable to sleep due to my anxiety of the fact of time I had been traveling and unable to regain those hours and happiness I was feeling after a wonderful holiday. Which all thoughts were ruined due to my experience getting home.

My initial flight was delayed at 1.30am on Friday 20th July.
Your airline was already aware of this and never called me. I was told that I will miss all my connecting flights and was told I can fly out 2pm. I wasn't happy but I had no choice. I'm taken to a hotel at 7am. Being made to feel like they were doing me a favor. No I should have been on a flight! I came back to the airport at 12.30pm, lined up and waited and again told my flight was delayed and I would miss all my connecting flights AGAIN! Still no call or email to inform me. So again I was told I would be taken to a hotel. The change over of staff had no idea I had done this already today. The same hotel I had just come from and would be flying out at 10.45pm. When I cried I was told this stuff happens. Not twice it doesn't. I finally flew out of Salvador at 12.15pm as the plane is delayed again. Because I no longer have an itinerary and only one man in the airport can speak English. No one is willing to help me. I'm being ignored by ground staff like I don't exist. I am unaware of the hours I have to wait in the connecting airports, what flights I'm on and when I will be home. My boarding passes had the wrong flight numbers on some and I was unable to find my flights on the screens in the airport. Struggling to ask for help due to the language barrier.
I ended up in Argentina stamped into the country as I was unaware where I was and had to get the authorities to help me back onto the plane. I had accumulated an extra stop over on my return flight.
My stop overs where disgustingly long. I had 6 hours in one and 13 in another. What the actual hell! On my way over I was 2-3 hours maximum.

I would have NEVER booked with Latam Airlines if this was the case and paid my hard earned money for this treatment and service.
It's the worst experience I have ever had. I am still feeling unwell from it.

The staff wouldn't upgrade me and was flat out told no. On the second time when I complained I was promised I would be and I was not. I was sat up the front of the plane with crying children. I requested all window seats when I booked initially and on my way back this was not the case.

I will never be flying Latam ever again. I've traveled all over the world and have for years and this is the worst experience of my life. I want a refund of my return trip as not once was I helped or made to feel like anyone was trying to help. Taking me to an airport hotel isn't compensating. It's admitting fault.

Things happen but not this bad. 66 hours is torture and it felt that way. I was hysterical in the airport of Chile when I had been traveling 30 hours and had 36 more to go.

I want 1300 to be returned to me as compensation. People wouldn't even pay that for a 66 hour flight and I lost income due to not being able to get to work and then not being able to function due to the stress my mind and body has been under.

I look forward to your response.

Donna Nayler

Jul 24, 2018

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