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LATAM Airlines / LAN Airlines / flight booking to galápagos islands on 26/09/2018 - código de reserva: ajbfdl

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Good morning,

On Tuesday 25 September 2018, we bought 3 return flights to the Galápagos Islands on the internet for US$ 607.92. We thought this was very good value. We were pleased. We paid with our credit card and were excited about our trip the next day. Below are details of our booking:

Miércoles 26 septiembre 2018 11:15 Guayaquil (GYE) 12:12 Baltra, Islas Galápagos (GPS) XL1413
Operado por LATAM Airlines Ecuador Economy-A Sólo incluye equipaje de mano
Miércoles 03 octubre 2018 13:00 Baltra, Islas Galápagos (GPS) 15:52 Guayaquil (GYE) XL1412
Operado por LATAM Airlines Ecuador Economy-A Sólo incluye equipaje de mano
Código de reserva: AJBFDL

When we checked in at Guayaquil Airport on Wednesday 26 September, we were told by staff that we had underpaid, that the ticket we had bought on the internet was a promotional ticket for Ecuadorians only. We had not noticed any indication of this on the website. Besides, the website allowed us to pay for our tickets. If these tickets were not meant to be for us, why were we permitted to pay for them? By entering into this contract, we expected to receive the service that we paid for.

Instead, we were asked to pay another US$168, not in total, but per person! That comes to $504... on the spot! We were not expecting this. We understood that we had to pay another $90 for baggage in the hold, that was fine, but an extra $504 there and then... that was ridiculous. If we had been aware that the tickets were not meant for us, we would not have tried to buy those tickets. As it was, you accepted payment for those tickets over the internet.

Moreover, when we discussed this with your staff at the check-in desk, there was no attempt whatsoever at a compromise on their behalf. All we were told was that if we didn't pay the $504 extra within the next 5 minutes, the desk would be closed and we would not get on the flight. If they had negotiated with us, reduced the extra cost by half for example (we would have been happy to meet you halfway), we would have been satisfied. But to have been forced to pay the extra there and then, without expecting it, was distressing. I speak from the perspective of a father, who had a distressed 12-year-old daughter standing next to him, crying as a result of the scene. It was most embarrassing, to say the least!

I myself asked about a full refund of the cost of the tickets, but my wife and daughter were distressed and so looking forward to visiting your islands. I felt under a lot of pressure and finally had to concede to paying the extra.

When we finally boarded the plane, we found that it was full: you would certainly have made a good profit that day. Surely, your company's profit account could have afforded a "slight discount" in this case, in the name of professional customer relations?

Furthermore, for the price of $1201.92, we expected to be served a complimentary meal on our 2-hour flight. We received nothing... well, 1 glass of water. British Airways flights at this price from the UK to Europe always include complimentary food and drink.

Although professional, your staff at check-in made no attempt at a compromise. They did not take our surprise and distress into account.

We felt that we were punished as tourists, discriminated against, insofar as we had to pay double what an Ecuadorian national has to pay for a flight ticket with LATAM. You can surely empathise with this when you know that foreign tourists have to pay 16.6 times more for the Galápagos Islands entrance fee than Ecuadorian nationals (although this does not concern your company, of course). There are no differences in tariffs for foreigners in the UK.

Suffice to say, we were very unimpressed with your service and will be mentioning it on our travel blog and Facebook. It is a shame that we tourists, who provide you with most of your income, are treated unfairly.

Yours sincerely,
Fiona, James & Lily Perry

Oct 14, 2018
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  • Jo
      15th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    Shocking! Thank you for highlighting this issue for other travellers. What an awful situation to find yourselves in Fiona, James and Lily. I hope LATAM at least try to redeem themselves. I hope this won't spoil your trip. Jo

  • Ni
      15th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    This is shocking and so unjust!

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