Latam Airlines (formerly LAN Airlines)case #4454958

The start of the story, Due flight delay almost 16 H or more I made my complain to latam

My claim basically was for my taxi +hotel room one night that became no show +business lost as I was going for meetings business trip. I made my complain all started correctly until the action part came and that is the part of refund
on 29 November Latam confirm the refund and informed me it will take 25-30 working days, voila no problem. The Time arrived I ask Latam all fine ? in one day replay ..uu sorry we made a mistake with your account number but we made the refund on 4th january!!! the Person name CRA Carol, i asked again how long i have to wait again, no answer as in the email they mention to me ifff u dont recive in 1 month pls contact us ..Its a joke !!!... I wrote again and this time I copy CEO Enrique Cueto, NO answer we are now 16th january .. I call Costumer S. first the guy ask me to be on hold he is checking my case .. btw I am not hold I can hear all conversation. Agent just asking or dealing his lunch time and telling me that he is checking my case .. I asked him if his lunch is fine if he can check the case ..i mean no need because i made my summery with the dates, i ask him to contact supervisor as he had no idea what was going on. he transfer me ( i think its CRA ) customer relation or supervisor after talk 40 min ... its just a agent that he took by phone CC details that is not allowed :) Bingo again ... The agent has no authority to check my account or either the escalation and asking my bank / CC details on the phone. I am still not having any answer ...WORST SERVICE that makes the customer just frustrated

no owner ship
no smart or solution oriented
no fast replays, no replay at all

i think in 7 day i will go legal action ... i am done

Jan 16, 2017

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