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1 Hellidon lakes, United Kingdom

Booking references: [protected] & [protected]

Good Afternoon,

It upsets and concerns me that I am having to write to you in complete disgust and dismay over our recent visit to Hellidon lakes golf & spa resort.

I feel like this is not only the greatest disappointment but also a serious health and safety threat, the whole of our experience is indeed a story to tell and not one that I am taking lightly.

I have included in this email, the reference numbers or both mine and my friends booking with yourself, the full account of the day in question and pictures to prove my points raised.

I must start off by saying that this has caused myself and my friends a great deal of upset as this was supposed to be a treat for my friend after a very recent car accident. We were looking for a spa deal for us girls to get together and relax, we found this on your site, recommended was Hellidon lakes, how can you recommend such a shocking service, I will never know. This is when it struck me that you may not be aware and I felt it necessary to let you know.

The day went from bad to worse, to diabolical in my opinion, when we arrived at the hotel, the construction was far from little and did in fact very much impact our visit, the area was downtrodden with the dust, industrial material and ripped up carpets which were a major hazard, a gentlemen advised me where the spa reception was so we traipsed up and down several sets of stairs with no guidance, when we finally arrived at the spa we were met with a rather rude spa receptionist that explained a beauty therapist had not shown up for work and that they only had one therapist on for the whole of the day… on a Saturday I find this utterly unacceptable, so although our package contained a 50 minute treatment each, we were reduced to have a 25 minute treatment each instead, our treatments were originally scheduled in for 1pm (for 2 people) and 2pm (for 2 people) so that we were having treatments together. These were changed to one treatment at a time at 2pn, 2:30pm, 3pm, 3:30pm meaning a lot of waiting around for some of us. Despite the annoyance I was prepared not to let that ruin our day, we scheduled in our lunch time/orders and went to get changed.

The day just got worse. In the ladies changing area, they had a fan with a wire traipsed along the walkway, where my friend tripped, almost falling over, if I had not have caught her. The whole changing area was in dire need of care and attention, locker doors were missing, rubbish had been left everywhere, tampons left on the floor of the bathroom and the shower heads & pipes moldy and not attached to the wall where you couldn't take a shower comfortably. We chose desperately to overlook this and continue on with our day, headed on down to the pool and this was where we encountered all of the horrible artefacts that I have photographic evidence of.

The air was thick and stagnant, the surfaces dripping and moldy, the drains were rusted, black mold was all over the doors and door frames, the ceiling was dripping with rusty drippings right over the loungers and into the pool, parts of the ceiling had fallen down and the floor was incredibly slippery, I personally felt very uncomfortable and uneasy, therefore we decided that sitting in the jacuzzi was the safest bet. As we got in and slid along a tile came loose scratching me. I was absolutely shocked and felt very unsafe, my friends and I had a look and it was apparent that the whole jacuzzi was falling apart, we counted 26 considerably sized holes, a few of which had loose tiling just moments away from braking off and scratching someone like it had me, this is a major hazard and could have caused me serious harm, I am lucky that it was not more severe, however this is completely unacceptable and certainly not what you expect when visiting a golf and Spa resort.

Unfortunately this is not where the horror of my experience ends as I ordered the camembert for lunch, considering that he agreed on lunch specifications at 10am and we gave the our lunch time of 12:30 I would have expected no issues, however I was wrong. When we arrived we were sat at a table and left for quite some time with no one around, when the waitress finally came back she brought our food over with her and I started to cut my camabert open, it was uncooked, lumpy and resembled cottage cheese. I brought this to her attention and she said that she would get another for me. My friend, at the same time noticed hair in her butter, this happened twice, to the point that the waitress finally gave up and gave her packet butter. When my second camembert arrived, the chef brought this up, he knew that the food was for out table as we were the only table in the entire restaurant, however he didn't bring the food to me, instead he placed it down on the table behind us and shouted over to the waitress to came and give it to me, so no apology, no thank you just utter rudeness. I knew straight away that it was not cooked as it had not been long enough, i cut in to this again and was correct, this was not cooked. At this point it was nearly half past one, my friends had all finished eating what they could of their Lunches and I had quite given up on the chef getting it right so I told them not to bother and had chips instead. To say that my price included a lunch option, of which I got a bowl of chips is absolutely unbelievable and not exactly what I would call great value for money. There was no apology or empathy regarding the issue with my food or the hairy butter, it was all very much bridged under the carpet by a very yound and unexperienced girl.

Overall our experience was diabolical, I think that you have to agree, if you do not then I will be making the appropriate bodies aware of the immanent health and safety concerns that I have, I will not let this be swept under the carpet and definitely expect at the very least a full refund for the monies paid out plus appropriate compensation. I travelled over an hour there and an hour back costing me a considerable amount of fuel, I was injured on the premises and I am now incredibly ill with a very sore and inflamed throat due to the conditions that I was subjected to.

I would appreciate a speedy response to my complaint please.

Feb 5, 2019

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