Lastman's Bad Boys / delivery

1540 Dundas Street East, Whitby, ON, CA
Contact information:
Phone: 905-430-0000

After having prolbems at Leons we went to Bad Boys who sold us a new bedroom set. They "1 billion percent" guaranteed we would have our mattress in one week (which we got) but because they did not have the headboard and footboard that would be in an estimated 6 - 8 weeks. We really needed a new mattress so we agreed... that was on July 2, 2009. On Sunday Aug 30 (going on 9 weeks) we called and my origional sales lady claimed she could not find it in the system (as in it has not been ordered yet). Prior to this I had called in three times and every time the girl who answered the phone reassured me the system said end of August it would be in. I called head office on Monday (Aug 31) who called me but said that they would have to talk to the purchaser and hung up on me (Sept 2, I still have not heard back from them) As of last night (Sept 1) the General Manager (Paul Taylor) informed us that our product has just been shipped (From China, by boat!) and we should have the remainder of our product by mid Oct - ANOTHER 6-8 weeks approximately. We told him to come and pick everything up because that is unacceptable to which he replied all sales are final (this set was their newest model NOT on sale!) and the best they could do was a 50$ gift card for our inconvenience. Paul Taylor claims that because he said that the delivery date was only an approximatation that they are not in the wrong.

Whos better than Bad Boys? Evvvvvvvvvvvvvvveryone!


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