Lastmans Bad Boys / price match

This is a copy of an email I sent to a customer service rep

Hello Mike;

I am sure you are tired of dealing with this, as am I, but it's the principle of the issue that has me upset. Your company is comparing apples to oranges when you sell me something saying it is tax free, and then for your price match add the tax to your competitors price, which obviously lowers the amount your customers should receive back.

When I was at your Barrie store a couple of weeks ago looking for a couch, upon entering the store a salesman approached me, and my daughter, and announced that they had a tax free event on. Told us to have a look around and let him know if we needed help, he also pointed out that there was a clearance section upstairs if we were interested. We looked around and eventually went upstairs where I found a lovely leather couch, which I purchased. When the salesman wrote up the order he added the tax, when we questioned why he was adding the tax at a tax free event, I was told that was only on regular priced items and this couch was already reduced so he had to add in the tax, when I hesitated he boldly added that the company boosts their prices, so the tax is already added into the to their prices for events like this because as he explained "the government still has to get their money".

As I broke down the prices it became very clear that is exactly what Bad Boys is doing adding the tax to the base price, then telling people they are not being charged tax.
Please see chart at bottom this shows the prices for both stores with and without tax and the differences in prices, it shows this is exactly what Bad Boys is doing.

This is very misleading to your customers, and at worst false advertising!

I have never complained to a single company EVER, but this I just can't swallow.

I am also forwarding this to Rimpi Sharma (Manager of Customer Care), and Blayne Lastman.

Please be aware if this issue is not resolved, I will file a formal complaint with the BBB, and with the Advertising Standards of Canada, as well as posting on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Please understand this is by no means a threat of any kind simply the only recourse I will have, so other people don't fall into this trap to, if you don't honour what your advertising said, and $14.73 is not even close to matching the price

I have noticed since I started to look into this quite a few unhappy customers on different forums complaining about Bad Boys(most unfortunately with little resolve it appears) I find it a shame that the integrity of your stores over the years have plummeted. I grew up around Pharmacy and Danforth and remember my mother and father doing a great deal of business with your store then, too bad things have changed so much!

Lastmans Bad Boys

Jun 06, 2018

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