Lastman's Bad Boy Furniture Store / horrible customer service

1480 Dundas St., Mississauga, ON, Canada

To whom it may concern,

I’m writing to inform you of the extremely poor customer service I have received at Bad Boy Dundas/Mississauga location.
Bad Boy is quick to take my money but does not deliver on the service they promise!
I purchased a mattress a few weeks ago (end of February, 2013 - Sales#d275268), received it yesterday morning (March 5th, 2013) and the delivery people would not take the old mattress away as promised on purchase day.
After the delivery was made, they refused to take the old mattress requesting $25, which I did not have at the time. I immediately got on the phone with the number provided on my bill (which I called the week before confirming the time they will arrive and that they will take away my old mattress). The person I spoke to at that number [protected] ) told me there is nothing they can do for me; that I had to call the store I purchased the mattress at. She then proceeded to give me the number of the Dundas location [protected] ). There I spoke to a sales person who connected me to the manager; Pat. I explained the situation to Pat, however he did not clearly understand the issue – the sales person forgot to add the removal of the old mattress to our receipt; and he proceeded to blame us for this mistake.
I also explained to Pat that we are in a condo and they have strict elevator regulations so we needed to have the mattress delivered and taken away within a certain time frame (9AM-12PM – as previously discussed with the distribution manager the week before). Pat was not only rude in his responses to me but he wasn’t listening or understanding anything I was saying. He kept repeating that I did not have this written on the receipt therefore it is my problem. I did not accept this answer as it is not my job to do the salesperson’s job, so he said he would call Mario (the sales person) as well as the head office and see what he can find out. I requested he call me as soon as possible as I could not dispose of the mattress on my own and I could only use the elevator from 9AM-12PM, so we were running out of time.
When Pat called back he basically told us that we are liars and it is our problem now.
This was such a small issue and an innocent human mistake on the sales persons/Bad Boy’s end which could have been solved so simply and respectfully; however the people working there dealt with it in such a rude, disgusting and offensive manner that I cannot believe a well established company allows such behaviour towards its valued customers.
In the end, I had to take the whole day off of work dealing with these disrespectful people you call your representatives. I needed to beg them for a service which was supposed to be offered to me with my purchase “free of charge”. Just to be told to deal with it myself!
I am deeply upset with the way I was treated and cannot imagine that there is no appropriate customer service at Bad Boy.
I will never again shop at Bad Boy and I will ensure that anyone I have ever spoken to or will speak to knows of this horrible service I have received.
I am also planing to inform Mr. Mel Lastman about this unpleasant event so that he is aware of how his employees treat customers.

Mar 06, 2013

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