Lan Airlines / poor service


1. Incredibly poor customer services, incredible attitude on the phone and unwilling to help in finding out about my wifes flight.
2. Try to get someone to speak English, difficult, usually leading to them putting down the phone because they cant be arsed to deal with your enquiry.
3. Tell lies, told wife that plane to Falkland Islands was delayed due to poor weather at Mount Pleasant, even though it is a military outfit that requires the runway to be clear of ice on a 24hr basis, later found to be a fault on their airline.
4. Give you a packet of peanuts and a juice from your flight from Chile to the Falklands even though it is International and you pay a fare of £400+ return.
5. Had a credit voucher of mine for a year that they refused to pay because they said it was clipped to my ticket and i had lost it, found out later they were covering up the fact that they hadnt sent it to me. Refunded to me later with a cheque. Again tell lies,


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