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Lady of America / Beware customer

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I belonged to the Lady of America in Deerfield Beach, Fl. My contract with them was for three years with very little room for backing out. I married in June of 2007 and moved to Franklin, Tn while our new home in Athens, Al was being built.

We closed and moved into our new home the 21st of August and I stopped the automatic payment from my checking acct at that time and sent proof of my new residence via a copy of our deed and my marriage certificate showing the name change. Please note that there is no LOA anywhere near Athens, Al. If there was I would gladly have gone as I enjoyed my experience at the gym.

They declined my submissions as proof and said they needed closing papers so I sent them. Again declined cause they were not signed copies. Contacted the Title company and had signed copies sent. Again, declined as proof of my residence as I am not on the mortgage loan. I am not on by choice, however I am on the deed and all other legal documents.

Okay, I send them our Homestead Tax Exemption papers which has both our names on it, shows the address and date of closing and can be obtained ONLY if it is your primary residence...again..declined as proof. Finally I send my license but since I did not obtain it till Nov, they want to charge me the extra three months, plus collection fees, plus late fees, etc.

It has been a nightmare dealing with these people. All I owe them is 20% of the remaining months which is under $130 but they are trying to really take me to the cleaners. I am so sorry to have ever hooked up with this company.

I have since checked the Better Business Bureau and they have a D rating. Not good folks. Beware. - Deborah Taylor

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  • Xi
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    Dear Julia:
    Would you please update me how did you do to finally cancel your membership. I am having a similar condition as you. I moved from FL to IL and paid the cancellation fee at Feb but after 4 month they are still charging me.
    Thank you very much!

  • Ev
      16th of Oct, 2008
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    LADIES OF AMERICA IS THE BIGGEST SCAM! DO NOT SIGN THEIR CONTRACT. YOU ARE BIND IT IN FOR LIFE! With automatic pay deductions and AUTOMATIC RENEWAL membership. Should you choose to leave it won't happen! Why you say? Cause you signed their contract which allows them to keep taking your money rentlessly.

    This agreement does not include the annual new equipment fee" which I suppose to them means that they can add an annual fee at anytime and for any price that is up to them. It doesn't make sense to me but somehow it made more sense to them and their contract you signed. If you don't pay, they send you to the collection agency which in turn gives you bad credit for 7 years.

    You are at their mercy, if you think you can run to a lawyer for help on this fraudulent gym, forget it they won't assist you in it sinced you signed the contract.
    It's bind, & sealed at the mercy of the gym. You have no case here.


  • Rm
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    Same thing just happened to me with Lady of America in Los Paseos, Puerto Rico. I was led to believe I was signing a month-to-month contract and gave them my credit card to debit the monthly payments. When I tried to cancel my membership, they took me to a collection agency. I ended up paying over $1, 000 to save my credit.
    You are better off just buying a tredmill and just exercising at home.

  • Ev
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    I am so pissed by the said manager( Twila) of the Lady of America in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They are a scam . Their contract is a joke. I ended paying money they don't deserve. They did not honor my cancellation request and even ask me for more charges when I complained to them that they are still charging my card monthly after I requested to cancel. Demanded to cancel fits better because a cancellation request is hardly acknowledged by this scam company! Do not go to this gym and I will never recommend this gym to anyone.

  • Ol
      10th of May, 2009
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    I have had the worst experience with the one in Miami Lakes but I have no choice but to continue going since they have me stuck on the contract:
    1) When I fist signed up I explained that I do not live in Miami on a full time basis and that I needed a month to month. The young girl assured me it was not a contract and that it was month to month. Next thing I know they say it is for 36 months and there is no way out and Carmen, the manager actually said, "Well, you should have read the contract." I guess I should have...trusting the girl who clearly explained it as otherwise is not enough...
    2) I emailed Carmen three times and she only responded once to tell me she would be responding to my email. It has been over three months and she has yet to answer any of my emails.
    3) I was stopped at the door last month told that my monthly payment was not made. (I am on auto-pay out of my checking account.) I had 5 minutes to run to my trainer session so I told the girl at the front desk I would take care of it as soon as my workout was done. She refused me entry into the gym and said I could not go in until after I paid. I explained to her it must be some sort of mistake because I have more than enough in my account and it always comes out of there but that I had to hurry or miss my scheduled trainer appointment in the gym. She was rude and singlemindedly refused so I had to just go in and do my workout and tell her to investigate the issue and get back to me so I can help fix it. She was so rude and even threatened to call the police on me to get me out of the gym. She treated me like a common thief and I was so insulted.
    When I explained that I suspected that the problem was that Washington Mutual was changing over to Chase Manhattan and that they were sending new cards out she said, "No, because you are the only one with this problem and there are other Washington Mutual clients." She actually followed me to the treadmill to harass me, tell me this and then tell me she was calling the police. Wow.
    I called the home office and explained the situation.
    I also called my bank and IN FACT they said they had sent me a new debit card that showed Chase instead of WAMU. I went home and got the new card, which I did find in my mail box, and called it into the home office.
    4) I placed a complaint to Heidi in the home office, who was very empathetic and nice, and she said she would forward it on. She did and later followed up with me telling me Carmen said she would call me back. It has been over three weeks since Heidi told me that and still Carmen has not called me or answered my calls.

    I AM STUCK THERE NOW...and I regret it... :( out.

  • Fr
      26th of Apr, 2012
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  • Fr
      26th of Apr, 2012
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