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My friend Put bet on for me which was recorded on cctv lost betting slip went to shop told manageress lost slip she said she would put it on stop and no one could collect it apart from named person Stephen Collins again this can be seen on cctv when we got back to Edinburgh bet had been paid out £850 to a stranger without producing identification and again recorded on cctv this is a disgrace no one from Ladbrokes has had the decency to phone me back if no satisfaction im going to police to get access to cctv and see who collected this bet as it wasnt steven collins been treated disgracefully by Ladbrokes alledgedly the biggest bookmakers in the Uk JOKE !!!


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      Apr 16, 2015

    I was playing on line side games on ladbrokes website. I gt on to a bonus round and it came up on screen you have won 99,999.99. but never recieved it then game froze.i contacted live help and farwarded pic of the screen with winning amount. it has now been a week and all they keep saying its in the hand of there software technicions.does anyone know where i stand on this.

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  • S
      Nov 11, 2015

    I as I do every week bet on the golf .I looked at top Asian player in the WGC last week Ladbrokes layed 9 players .none fronm china .I got top player went to get my winnings .and it came up loser .manager called the trader .who said we never included china in the book we layed but if he wanted a price for china player we would gave it.yes a china player won.its gone with the full support of the manager to IBAS 23 years same shop I bet to get cheated like this is a cant lay 9 players hold 5 players in hand and bring 1 out .do Ladbrokes care no IBAS may or should go in my fav.but its no fine to Ladbrokes no stain on there reputation they just try it on .

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      Jun 14, 2016

    I went into Ashton under lyne ladbrookes spent over £2000 on roulette and only won £72 back was not happy so asked a member of staff to look into it they rang me back the following day saying there was nothing they could do the machine was not broke it is atrocious how they can just rip me off and do nothing about it I want something done about it or I will take further action against ladbrookes and the shop

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