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Dear Sir,

It has come to my attention that at some period over the last few days, the in shop game Reel King has been removed from play, without explanation or reason.

I then find in fact, Ladbrokes shops, Bet Fred William Hill and all other outlets which have or had the Reel king game in shop, have had to remove the said game due to game errors, an error in game play. An error that in fact myself and other have witnessed the error as in, the payouts of this game have been to say so low it has become an insult to play.

Sirs, with this information at hand and the fact that i am a loyal customer whom, over the last year has as is an every day event, visited and played the above mentioned Reel King slot game, within your branch at Allenton Derby,

This information re the error of this game, without doubt your company has decided to keep it from customers, and i fully understand your reasoning. I for one, have yet to decide, if One should continue to visit your establishment for the gaming and slot entertainment.

If your team had made inquiries earlier and listened to customers, feedback would have shown in obvious terms that many customers had noticed the "Reel King" game play had change, not just a little but a slap in the face amount and it has became a running in shop joke, " ladbrokes have tweaked on " rather than "Game On"

Sir, I am fully aware you will return this correspondence with deniable assurance, that this, is in fact in no way the reason for the removal of the mentioned Game.

that is your prerogative, but will only serve to show my concerns, do in fact have good foundations.


Darren John Clark

Jan 23, 2017

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