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As part of a regular health checkup, my doctor ordered a series of blood tests. She provided me with a LabCorp work order that specified 3 different blood tests.

I took this work order to LabCorp in Greenville, Texas. The lady who dealt with my paperwork informed me that 2 of the tests listed on the work order would not be covered by Medicare and she printed out the Labcorp Form CMS-R-131 where both test were listed and I checked and signed the appropriate section – Option 3 – I don’t want the laboratory test(s) listed above. I understand with this choice I am not responsible for payment and I cannot appeal to be if Medicare would pay. I have a copy of that form in my possession.

This same lady assured me that the third test on the work order form WAS covered by Medicare, so I went ahead and blood was drawn.

Several weeks later I received a bill from LabCorp which listed 4 different tests had been performed on my blood. Medicare had been billed and had denied payment on all 4. LabCorp was billing me for everything.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Greenville, TX

This despite the fact that:
a) The work order from my doctor only specified 3 tests
b) I had signed LabCorp’s own form declining 2 of the tests
c) Their representative assured me that the third test WOULD be covered by Medicare.
d) They will give me no explanation of the fourth test appearing on their bill.

I have been in touch with LabCorp repeatedly, but no-one has shown the slightest inclination to sort this mess out. In fact I received a form letter in the mail from them yesterday explaining that the bills are for “Clinical Laboratory Services Performed at the request of my physician”.

BS – I have a copy of their Form CMS-R-131 here in front of me as I write, categorically declining 2 of the tests, while their own representative assured me that the third test on the work order was not a problem and was covered by Medicare.

Not only did LabCorp frivolously ignore the fact that I had signed their own form to decline 2 tests, they completely misinformed me on the third and also added a fourth test, apparently of their own choosing.

Stay right away from LabCorp. They are incompetent and unethical and their customer service is non-existent, nobody gives a damn.

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  • Du
      May 09, 2010

    Any fee not paid by Medicare must be absorbed by the provider. They're bs'ing you. Look up the law instead of writing your uneducated ### on a worthless website you ###ing idiot.

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  • Me
      Jun 24, 2010

    To the first commentator - A small, uneducated mind that has a hard time expressing itself resorts to insults and crudeness. I'm guessing it will take you some time to understand that statement.

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  • Si
      Sep 24, 2010

    LabCorp is full of idiots, for 2 yrs I have been trying to get my payment refunded to me because my ins. Co also paid the same bill, they keep giving me one bs line after another, now they say they need the "Explanation of benefits" page, from my ins Co, well, been here done this, 3 times so far, and I know my ins co, one of these pages CAME WITH THE CHECK! you see at first they tried to tell me my ins declined it and billed me repeatedly even though the decline 'code' was O, which at my ins Co means the group # could not be read.. 8 time I called LabCorp, telling them this, finally on the 9th time, I called and told them to replace their ink in their printer, because my ins Co. can not read the claim.. FINALLY they sent it in properly, and now over 2yrs later I am still trying to get the money that was double paid by me and my ins co!

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  • Vi
      Aug 01, 2016

    Labcore has been nothing but a pain in the a.. I just wish their billing dep't would get it right. Don't send me a bill that you had ample opportunity to submit for payment, now that health republic went out of business you will have to figure out how to get your money, but it wont be from me. I will sue if I have to.

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  • Bl
      Nov 13, 2017
    Best Best Advice

    I took an order for labs to Lab Corp 2 months ago, I had labs drawn one time for a few tests, I paid my co-pay my insurer paid their part and today i received another Lab corp bill, they are trying to bill me for testing again for the same lab draw, no additional tests were ordered after the initial lab draw. The stated the labs were written on 2 different orders, no they were not, I hand carried the order there myself, I am a health care professional and I can read an order. This cannot be legal.

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