LabCorpfailure to varify before mailing medical documents

My name is amy turner - 03/18/1987
I have been trying for a month to get my records from labcorp.
Called and finally got through they said they are archived
They asked if my address was correct and I said no.
She said "ok I will call and verify your new address when I get all your records together".
A week or more later I call back to check up and she had mailed them to the wrong address. So now my personal medical records for the past 5 years are floating out for whoever to see.
So I give them the right address and they tell me it will be weeks before they mail it out again (A week before christmas)
It is now the middle of january still no records.
It is illegal to mail medical information without verification of the address and recipient.

Jan 19, 2017

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