La Senzacustomer service

I encountered a situation while in a lasenza store in North Bay Ontario Canada where I felt unwelcomed unless I bought products from the current sale

I picked two pieces of underwear from a 10 for 35 dollar rack as I only wanted two

I go to the cash and the cashier asks me if I have 10 pairs of underwear when I never previously indicated that I was looking for 10

I felt obligated to buy 10 pairs of underwear when being a university student would not allow me to

The way the cashier approached me and made me feel as though I had to buy 10 pieces to be cashed through made me feel embarrassed and obligated

I quietly said I will come back when I have the proper funds then thank you

None of the lasenza employees recommended any other solutions other than buying their current sale which I could not afford

I walked out feeling unwelcomed by lasenza staff and was ignored by them after I mentioned I could only afford to buy the two and more importantly walked out with no products

As a regular lasenza customer I should not be ignored or be feeling unwelcomed by lasenza staff and should be considered for any products I choose to buy whether it is a sale or not

Mar 19, 2018

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