La Quinta Inns & Suitesmarried the relationship work together and cause the problem to all employee at la quinta inn so wrongfully!

Hi, I am working in 4 month. The employee work together about married. A lady control her husband who work at a maintance. She works housekeeping for a temporary time. They like to looking a trouble at the employees. They steals money tips. However, they ask the housekeeping about what number of room listing. They get a rush in time and open the door then grab money and stuff from other housekeeping duty. They also steal the new towels, sheets, blankets and stuff from the arrival shipping to work. They not giving a supervisor for new things. They make choose on themselves as like a boss than supervisor. They blames me and other housekeeping for report false about theif. We know them how plan smooth down and set up easy for theif when a manager not in office. They agree with a laundry lady for ok about take new towels and sheets. They like a prepare to do wash clothes at Laundry but know how trade it from new and old. They know how smart play in technology way.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Antonio, TX When I or other employee report, but an owner of la Quinta believe them than us because she know a maintance for a year. She think he is a good man to do work but he can be fool on her. I am afraid to seeing a happen at their business so badly. I just leaving a job because of Maintance and his wife never stop to talking too much for the problem. His wife is an easy-jealous of me and other housekeeping to work good at La Quinta Inn. Her husband like to being flirt to all housekeeping and others when his wife not seeing or work there. When she come in work. He start to act like trouble maker. Do not matter he know how play too much. If someone talk him he would like to talk a bad about you, he is turning a muplytile. Everyone believe him because of her wrongdoing. They are too mean and verbal abuse like talk bad behind the name and front so many embarrassment to all employee and guests. They case the problem to an owner and go argue toward a manager but they doesn't care about them. I rather like them to be gone. I might return to work or not.

Dec 08, 2018

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