[Resolved] La Quinta Inn & Suites in North Myrtle Beach / money taken out of my account illegally

I booked a room via Expedia for one night. La Quinta and Expedia took money out my account over $400.00 for this one night. Attachment follow. When I booked this room I was assured that all monies was paid via my visa. I checked out and the clerk as me for payment so I was under the impression that Expedia asked your company to collect. I want my money.

  • Resolution statement

    Jane handle this unfounded complaint in a New York minute because it was my fault and not La Quinta Hotel. I stayed an extra night and forgot so no, they did not take my money. She was kind and patient and I guess that's why SHE is the manager, too bad she can't multiply herself and be the custodial associates and Customer service rep front counter. I know she was very busy but she did express compassion. Thanks Jane!!! and excuse me for the dementia moment. I worked as a CSA III for over 23+ years so I feel your pain.

  • Updated by Arlisa Hampton, Jun 04, 2018

    La Quinta was not at fault. I was. I forgot I stayed an extra day. I apologize to La Quinta Hotel. Lesson learned. Research before you complain. I should have known better!

Jun 04, 2018

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