La Quinta Inn & Suites Cedar Hill / construction outside my room 108

My husband and I stayed at this facility from May 22 - 27. It later that night when we returned from an affair with family that they begin demolishing the flooring. On day 2 they begin construction tearing up the ceramic floors literally steps away from our room. It created a mess for us to walk through. On the third day I wanted to go for a swim and sit at the pool. The hallway was destroyed with pieces of the remaining tiles that were dangerous to walk on. As I was relaxing poolside I was disrupted by flying Styrofoam from the trash container. It was flying in the air and landing in the pool with other debris. I myself couldn't stand to look at it while relaxing so I gathered it from the pool and the walk ways and deposed of it in the small trash receptacle. I contend that the huge trash container was too close to the pool at anyway. I am dismayed and feel taken advantage of as a consumer. There were no signs of work or construction displayed. I can be reached for further conversation.
Consumer of Dismay

Jun 04, 2018

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