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Carter Lake, NE, United States
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We booked a Suite for a four night stay at the La Quinta Inn and Suites resort ay 1201 Avenue H in Carter Lake Iowa 51510, so that my son could compete in a big baseball tournament in Omaha NE. Upon arriving at the hotel after an 11 hour drive from Colorado Springs, the room the gave us was not a suite (but still wanted to charge us $200.00 a night( because of the college world series was starting up and most hotels were booked) which is why we booked so far in advance. Getting to the room we discovered that is was filthy. The bed was only a twin and the sheets had not been changed or the bed made. after about a half hour of putting up with the bad smell in the room, my daughter stood up from by the bed with a hand full of what looked to be medical pills (thank GOD she did not put them in her mouth). This was the straw that broke the camels back. We went to complain and was told to leave and try and find another place to stay would be almost impossible, and they would have to charge us a $39.00 cancellation fee. We paid the money and left. Than God my husband is medically retired from the Airforce and were able to get a room on base for one night. We spent most of the next day hunting for a room to stay (causing my son to miss the opening ceremonies). Now we love staying at the La Quinta Inn's, but this is ridiculous. The room was booked under Ashley Urquhart and Cassandra Gordon and we would at the LEAST like to have our $39.00 refunded. If something is not corrected we will be forced to go to the press about this situation. Again, we traveled in a small car with four children for 11 hours (excited at first because we knew our previous experiences at La Quinta Inns have been wonderful) Also to add insult, we were informed that pool was closed for repair (not fun to hear when it was so hot outside, My email is [protected] My phone number is [protected]. I would look forward to hearing from you concerning this matter. Thank You!

Jun 16, 2017

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