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LA Fitness International / la fitness instructor debbie at la fitness whittier

1 Whittier, AK, United States

Whittier's 830 am Saturday class is entitle by day works plus abs. I went and was very disappointed that the instructor was instead teaching a step n sculpture class. She said you didn't need to use the steps but then focused on using the steps so that for the majority of the class if you didn't use the step you weren't doing anything at all. I looked her up and saw that she teaches many step n sculpture classes at other locations. My complaint is that the class shouldn't be called body works if it's really a step n sculpture class. Step n sculpture is a lot more dangerous of a class and so it's very misleading to call it body works if people want to come in for strength training. I would hope that you as a company will either change the name to the course but it actually is or get the instructor to actually teach body works or, better yet, get an new instructor. There was a sub for this class last week and she was excellent. It was a true body works class and my muscles felt it for days afterwards. When I go to Debbie's class I always leave feeling like I didn't get the workout I needed/ looked for/ offered and will not return to her future classes. I really love your body works classes when they are body works but this doing steps without the actual use of weights is just bogus. She does have [censored]d the weights. But if your not doing step that's all your doing for much of the time is holding them

May 12, 2018

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