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DON'T USE KYLIN TV!!! STAY AWAY FROM KYLIN TV!!! They have EVERGREEN condition embedded!

I called Kylin to cancel my account in Aug 2014, but they said they said that I have prepaid for one-year service, and they can't refund us any money. The contract will end in Nov 2014. So I said OK if Kylin can't end the contract now. I can't do anything but show them my intention to terminate the contract.

But this January, I received a letter from them saying that I still owe them money. It turns out that they automatically renewed your contract without getting your verbal or written approval. I already showed them my intention to close the accounts a couple months before. Now they are accusing me that it was my fault that I didn't call them again in Nov 2014 to tell them close the account. I already asked them to close my account back in Aug 14, they said that they can't refund my fee and the contract will end in Nov. They did NOT tell me that they will renew my contract automatically again if I don't call them!!! What a ### service they have!!!

I will never use this service ever again. I would NOT recommend any people to use their service!!! I never have this sort experience with other TV service provider. Now I can say Telus and Shaws are much better service providers. They don't do this ### evergreen (automatic renewal service) things. None of my friends or family members will ever use their service. I would rather pay a premium to Telus and Shaws to avoid this ever renewal contract!!!

Feb 06, 2015
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      Dec 10, 2014
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