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Kwik Trip / Kwik Star / unethical behavior

1 La Crosse, WI, United States

Yesterday evening, around 7 o'clock, my boyfriend and I went to our local kwick trip, two blocks away, like we do every single night almost. We are always getting candy, baked goods, coffee, and chips there. We even get coffee there quite often. I was going to stay in the car, but wanted to get a drink for myself. Not realizing that I did not bring my wallet in, I had my boyfriend purchase my drink. He also wanted to purchase 2 white owl cigar wraps, or whatever. The individual checking us out actually checked us out the night prior even, and my boyfriend is the one making the purchase. We are both 25, go to this kwick ALL OF THE TIME, I constantly hear "see you next time" YET this girl would not sell him the wraps unless I showed her my ID as well. I am not the one purchasing the tobacco product; I work in Public Health and the law states that the ID must be checked for the individual purchasing the product. I understand that I am with the individual buying them, but what if he was my legal guardian? Also, would my 25 year old boyfriend be hanging out with a 17 year old? Don't think so. The biggest peeve of this all was that she refused to sell them to us, even though he had his ID and she could scan his ID. She said she recognized him but not me, even though I AM ALWAYS WITH HIM EVERY SINGLE TIME. She also asked 3 other associates, them all stating, "i recognize him but not you" I was very offended that apparently they pay no attention to the girl he is always with. So much for "see you next time...", when they don't even remember me! They say that to me every single fricken day. How much are you really paying attention to your customers, especially when I am a regular one! This has been my neighborhood kwick trip for 2 years now. Very sad. Needless to say, I walked out to the car, got my ID, walked back in, and bought it. TAKE THAT.

Apr 21, 2017

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