Kwik Trip / Kwik Star / fast food

Mankato, MN, United States

I was getting food at a store near me that I have been too 100's of times, cars washes, hot food etc. Tonight I got a car wash at 1 am and picked up a sandwich. Needless to say I am 51 years old, I went to check out and the cashier told me I was out of line and would not check me out. I simply picked up a sandwich and was not aware of any line since it was not busy. I was told to leave the store like I was some punk cutting in line. After years of continued service this one indecent is enough to make me never to want to go to a kwik trip again. Even after buying advanced car washes and etc. I am at my wits end with employee's that think they can treat the public like crap. I will never go to another kwik trip again.

Feb 3, 2017

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