Kuwait Airways / rude behaviour and cruelity by the captain and chief cabin crew

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It was on the 19th April night, me along with five Bangladeshi Doctors ( four professor – 2 retired, two consultants of Ear, nose and throat diseases were coming from Tehran to Dhaka via Kuwait by flight no. KU/283.We attended an International conference at Shiraz Iran where we were invited as international lecturers on sinusitis.When the flight started from Kuwait the Chief cabin crew started announcing in English, and Hind/ Urdu the later we did not understand. The flight passengers were mostly Bangladeshi expatriates along with us . We called one of the cabin crews and said, it was a Dhaka bound flight, most of the passengers were Bengali speaking, why the announcement should be given in languages against which we fought before 1947 and 1971 and Bangladeshis revolutionized. We wanted to talk to the Captain ( SAUD FARHAN) about this. The Chief crew lady called me and said that this was done because they did not have any Bengali speaking crew and it would be done always, if we wanted to file written complain it could be done in the form supplied. I, on behalf of the Doctors and Bangladeshi People, said that we should knew before it was made, I wrote a complain to the Captain ( SAUD FARHAN)mentioning that we felt insulted when the announcement was made in Urdu/Hindi and instead of Bengali and English, Arabic we did not like to hear announcement in other languages than Bengali because the evolution of Bangladesh was against the above mentioned languages. Bangladesh is the only country in the world who have sacrificed blood for mother language and that’s why the Bangladesh language movement day has been observed by the UN as international mother language day.After few minutes that chief crew came rushed to us angrily with very aggressive and objectionable body language, with fore finger of hand raised and started speaking, warning us making gang for agitation, Not to make politics with this issue, and called us Racial. I told her that we are Doctors, educated, from the elite society of Bangladesh and requested her not to use such objectionable words. She went back and came again and warned us by saying that the Captain read the complain letter, he had warned us not to make a chaos and revolution, . I said that the Captain did not go through the letter seriously, I did not want to say what he meant.Then the Chief crew woman said that the Captain is the all in all in the flight and if we say anything more he would take us back to Tehran, Iran and hand over to Police.She herself was the all in all inside the cabin and she would do whatever she liked. We were no body to say anything. She had recorded my and my accompanying persons details, security had been alert and if we would say something we would be handed over to them and then to police for agitation, ganging .We were very much scared, we could not sleep for a moment, we couldn’t take meal and fear rushed us with uncertainty . We could have heart attack any time as one of us had a previous bypass operation on the heart.When the flight reached Dhaka we were still afraid of Police and got relieved after coming out from the the airport.
This incidence happened as we were trying to stand for our mother language. We heard from the some Bangladeshis who were regular passengers of Kuwait airways that the behaviour of Staffs of the airways in the flight are always like this insulting bdone by the Indian, Pakistani and Kuwati crews and Pilots.
Did we fight for our mother language for this? We demand an impartial investigation into it. for insulting our mother language, for scaring us in the flight., to find out the responsible persons to take action according to the law and for their psychological assessment as many of the airways accidents are due to the psychological instability of the Pilots and crews . PI request you to do something

With Thanks
Prof. Dr. Md. Zillur rahman
Director and Consultant
United Hospitals Lt.
Gulshan Dhaka
Mobile : [protected]

My accompanying Doctors/Consultants /Professors were

1. Professor Khabiruddin Ahmed
Head of the Deptt . of ENT and Head Neck Surgery
Shahid Surowardy Medical College
Mobile : [protected]

.2..Shafquatur Rahman Shamim
Retd. Asoc. professor of ENT and Head Neck Surgery
Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College
Mobile :[protected]

3. Dr. Moshiur Rahman Chowdhury
Retd. Senior Consultant of ENT ans
Shahid Suhrowardy Hospital
Mobile : [protected]

4. Dr. Nazmul haq
Consultant ENT and HNS
Jessor Medical College, Jessor
Mobile : [protected]

4. Dr. Sajibur Rashid
Junior Consultant ENT
Mobile :[protected]

Apr 22, 2015
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      Oct 13, 2014
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    I have lost my Samsung mini mobile on board Kuwait airways on 03/20/2014 travelling to India. I strongly feel that I put this mobile in empty meal tray. Flight no. Ku301

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  • Ku
      Apr 27, 2015

    Pl send it, Its alright, Thank you very much

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  • Av
      Jul 26, 2018

    Dear dr., the official language of aviation is English (nilot Bangladeshi, French, Spamish or any other, so please next time don't make a problem out of nothing. Thank you for your cooperation.

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  • Av
      Jul 26, 2018

    Dear dr., the official language of aviation is English (not Bangladeshi, French, Spanish or any other, so please next time don't make a problem out of nothing. Thank you for your cooperation.

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