Kuwait Airways / extra baggage overcharge

United States

My name is Tanvir Chowdhury. I am an us citizen traveling from New York to dhaka via Kuwait on the 14th June 2017. Flight no KU118. I had an extra luggage. I was informed by one of the customer service officer that the extra baggage charge was $150 and I could carry 32kg without being charged for over weight charges. I travel frequently and always try to keep my luggage to exact weight limit to avoid unnecessary charges and hassle. I specifically asked the customer service officer to make sure if I am allowed to carry 32kg for $150 and not being charged for overweight. However when I reached the airport and checked in I was told that I have to pay $300 since my luggage was exactly 32kg. The misleading information from the customer service officer cost me $150 more. I believe this is something the management can look at and if issue a refund of that extra $150. I hope my claim reaches the right person and I get my money back. Thanks.

Kuwait Airways

Jun 14, 2017

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