Kuwait Airways / airline ticket cancellation charge

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Airline Ticket name did not match with Passport name so Kuwait Airways did not allow the passenger to fly and I had to cancel the ticket. Ticket is non refundable and Kuwait Airways charged $350/- as cancellation charge. I need refund of $350/- as this was round trip ticket to India and Kuwait Airways can sell the return ticket to other passenger and recover financial impact to them if any. I want to understand the reason behind charging $350/- as cancellation charge.

Jul 05, 2017
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  • Ma
      Mar 10, 2018

    How was your situation resolved as we may have the same situation?

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  • Sh
      Sep 13, 2018

    I had to reschedule my journey and wasn’t able to use a connection from Kuwait to Dubai. I applied for a refund when I returned to England, which wasn’t as straightforward as I thought, being pushed from pillar to post at the start. Anyway I only received 15% of the cost of the ticket. Is this standard practice? I was hoping to recover at least 60% allowing for administration costs.

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