Kroger, Jefferson, GA / buying turkeys, for a feed the need, free thanksgiving meal open to the public to help those less families of low income.

My name is Jimmy Peck, I am the Pastor of Baptist Tabernacle in Nicholson Ga. I also am on the Jackson County Parks and Rec. Board of Administrators. I am not a complaining kind of person because I know how the public can be. That being said, I have shopped at Kroger in Jefferson Ga. ever since they have opened. I am a hall of fame coach of Jackson County and I am also a Deacon at Tyrus Baptist Church. I am constantly doing things for our community. About 13 years ago Baptist Tabernacle started a free thanksgiving meal day to be open to the public for low income families. We feed about 800 to 1000 people every year and the only way we can do that us help from the community. Well to make a long story short my motherboard at Baptist Tabernacle contacted Kroger upon my request to purchase turkeys from them this year instead of Ingles in Commerce simply because I do a lot of shopping there. Ingles was giving us turkeys at.48 cent a pound and Kroger informed us that they couldn't sale them to us for that but they would come down to.59 if we where interested. So since I do shop at Kroger and I thought it would be good to keep in contact with my Fellowshiping with people at Kroger I personally told my motherboard to purchase the turkeys from Kroger. Well when my 73 year old treasure goes to pick up the turkeys with my 50 year old secretary, they only was able to pick up 15 turkeys because they charged around 1.57 cent a pound for Turkey's. My treasure tried to explain to the person in charge that she called the store to make sure that we would get the turkeys for.59 cent a pound. She went on and bought the 15 turkeys anyway because she is a nice old lady. So I tried to call and talk to the one who was rude and let him know that we were told that we could purchase the turkeys go.59 cent a pound. I even told him it was for a Feed The Need Meal. He could have cared less. I tried to explain that we do this every year for families and have done it over a decade. Again he could care less. I told him that we wouldn't be able to do this without help from the community to pay for the food. Again he didn't care. I even explained that we was driving past Ingles to do business with Kroger even when Ingles was cheaper. Again he didn't care. So I asked him could we at least get store credit on the difference in prices that was promised because we had several hundred of dollars of stuff that we needed to purchase. He said no again. I have never been lied to or talked to or disrespected by anyone like this before. Not only do I have a congregation that is wanting to protest a grocery store I have a County who is appalled. I can't understand why he felt the need to humiliate a very old lady or why he could not honor what we had been told. My heart was broke. Now I am trying to bring understanding to a congregation that things like this happen. Just pray for the one man who is disrespecting us. I wish that someone could contact me and help our little Church and return or give the the church store credit to help show that Kroger is not responsible for a bad decision that an employee makes. Baptist Tabernacle, Tyrus Baptist Churches and the Jackson County Parks and Rec. have all come to the conclusion to no longer do any shopping at any Kroger store because of the dishonestly and disrespect that was given to the community in this time of need. I am not a person to protest I am a person who prays. I believe that prayer is much more powerful than protesting. So I have prayed and I truly believe that Kroger will contact me in some form or fashion and make this right. You can follow through with all the information that I have given you and see that all is true. My spelling and grammar is not up to par but my Faith is strong. My Phone # is [protected], my name is Jimmy Peck, my address is 258 Wilson Cem. Rd. Nicholson Ga. I am a honest just man and I truly hope you are as well. Help me keep peace in our community and please call me or make some kind of effort to make this wrong way of doing business become a right way of helping us to Feed The Need. Thank you very much.

Nov 14, 2017

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