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Payson, UT, United States

I am a Produce employee at store #75. I actually just put in my 2 weeks because lately I got a bad reputation by a couple people and I felt like I had a target on my back. But there are plenty of past reasons That justify me quitting. I've been harassed and sworn at in my department, also once was told by a co worker in my department named Steve that "he wanted to choke me to death" and he said that right to my face. I have a lot of medical situations going on right now and it's been hard and stressful. Lately I've peed out blood and it takes me longer to go to the bathroom because it's really painful and it takes me a while to be able to get it all out. And last week I went to the bathroom and I got called back to Produce cuz it was taking me a while. And the Produce Manager, Jimmy said "where have you been? I haven't been able to find you." And then I told him I was in the bathroom and he said it was taking a long time but then I told him my peeing situation is still going on and he understood and was fine with it because he was aware of my situation. But other management doesn't know or care. Many things that led to this bad reputation, for example, Candace (one of the store managers) seen me on my cell phone and began to yell at me and she even gave me a "strike", before I could even tell her that I was on my break. She took it back after I explained but still somehow made it where she would have her "eye on me" even though I did nothing wrong to begin with. A couple unfortunate situations like this led to me getting a bad rep and me feeling like I had a target on my back. There is other employees at the store that can vouch for that too. The last straw that I had before I put my 2 weeks in happened last week. I am going through a lot of medical issues unfortunately right now, and it's been very hard. My doctor texted me and he needed a a close up picture of sores that just started to come on my body. However that spot happened to be located on my genitals. So I said okay and I nervously walked out of the store into my car where I could take the picture for the doctor and immediately went back in to work. The whole thing took no more then 5 minutes. And when I got back in Scott and Candace (store managers) were in produce (probably because I was called down when I was peeing that one time and they assume the worst in me and I have a bad rep so their "checking on me"). And they yelled at me and asked where I was. And they flat out lied and said I was outside for "15 to 20 minutes". After I explained what was going on they didn't believe me and basically called me a liar right to my face. They took me into the office and threatened to fire me even though I told them that this is a serious thing that I had to take care of. But they humiliated me and I did not like the fact that I had to explain my embarrassing medical situation and my genitalia to them for them to mock me for it and call me a liar and act like it wasn't a big deal and begin to threaten to fire me anyways. It's not like I wanted to send that kind of a photo to my doctor but it was an emergency. After I begged them and they let me keep my job, I realized that I was a person that deserved respect and didn't deserve to always have everyone out to get me like I had a target on my back. And this situation would only make it 10 times worse. So I contacted my department manager and gave him my 2 week notice. I've put up with 2 store managers, and 3 department managers (all of which liked me) but lately the level of management and some employees especially has gone way downhill and I think anyone can tell you that. #75 is having a hard time keeping employees right now because of it. I feel bad for my department manager because he now has to hire another person to a position he's been unable to fill for quite sometime. I've been harassed and sworn at in my own department by fellow co workers. I work hard and always get my stuff done and many employees have grown to like me over the 1 1/2 years I've worked there. But I've been targeted, harassed, and humiliated for the last time and honestly it's just not worth it to deal with it for this job when I have all the stress and other situations I have going on in my life right now. I will be happier finding a new job where people are professionals and I can have a clean reputation and not have people assume the worst out of me. I have also attached a screenshot of a snapchat that I got from a fellow co worker that shows how I am treated by other employees. That specific snapchat was from Kevin in the produce department who is possibly transferring to freight to be a Manager.


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Sep 23, 2017

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