Kroger / disrespect and rudeness

Hilliard, OH, United States

I was shopping in Kroger 966 Hilliard, Ohio the other day when I asked for help finding a product. When I approached the manager I asked if he had any Kroger brand spring water in the gallon. He said he wasn't sure but would have to check in the back. I knew he was very busy but after coming from the backroom about 10 seconds later I knew he hadn't took the time to look nor did he even check the shelf because I could've missed it being my vision wasn't the greatest. He came out and said they might have some but couldn't get to it at the moment so I told him I would wait while he found some. At that point he got a bit aggitated and said he didn't have time to dig it out so I asked for another manager and he exploded on me and told me to go accross the damn street if I needed water that badly. I think he was offended by me asking for another manager and he must've been having a bad day because I refused to leave until he had someone get the product I needed. When I refused to leave he told me goodluck but he didn't have time to look for water and had more important things to do at the moment and bumped into me and walked away.

  • Updated by Loyal Customer1, Sep 22, 2017

    The Manager's name was Keith. Young guy in his early 30s maybe with thin beard, very rude and disrespectful. Will never shop there again!!!

Sep 22, 2017

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