Kroger Brand Milk And Eggs / pricing on kroger eggs & milk

Dayton, OH, United States

In recent weeks I have shopped three different Kroger stores that are near to me, one in Beavercreek, Oh, Fairborn, Oh, and Riverside Spinning road.
At Beavercreek and Fairborn the price of milk a gallon was .99 cents a gallon
and eggs .69 cents for a package of 18 eggs. The Spinning Rd. store which is a smaller store had the milk "on sale" for 1.99 and the eggs at regular price, not anywhere close to .69. I asked the clerk s on two different occasions why the
price would be higher than the neighboring Kroger stores. The first person was clueless and the second more helpful. She indicated that she had noticed lower pricing at her own local store vs the one she worked at. She was helpful
and asked the manager to match the price at the Beavercreek store.

I called today customer service for Kroger and the agent was helpful but did not know why pricing would be different. Per his supervisor it was probably because the Kroger stores involved were in different districts /regions /size. Since the smaller stores did not do the same volume they did not offer the same prices. Is this true? Is this on all products? Will I have to shop the larger Kroger stores to get the lower prices? Will I have do comparison shopping to determine which Kroger store has the lower prices? I also shop at the Kroger store in Kettering, do they have the lower pricing there?

This does not seem like an ethical business practice. You are taking advantage of the loyal customers you have at your smaller stores. I can understand different pricing when stores are in different cities or states but
not when they are just a few miles of each other?

Sep 21, 2017

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