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Kraftmaid Cabinets / Terrible everything

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I ordered 18 Kraftmaid cabinets from Home Depot (which by the way even after measuring twice got the design wrong). They came to my home rather quickly but little did I know...

I was instructed to open all boxes and make sure there where no problems. Well, there where 9 damaged cabinets out of 18. Damaged finished edges from poor handling and packing. Human hairs embedded in the finish on two doors. Damaged corners, and kick boards falling off.

In the store you will only see plywood construction, I was surprised to see particle board construction when they arrived at my home! I found out the hard way, you have to ask for plywood upgrade. Ok that's Home Depots fault but why would a reputable company (KraftMaid?) even bother with garbage particle board construction? The cabinets where literally falling apart just getting them out of the boxes. Especially the kick boards, which where fastened with just a few staples!

Ok so I try to make the best of it. I call Crapmaid and explain. They said they would get back to me. Well after several phone calls to them no one ever bother calling me back or getting my issues resolved. I just wanted to get my cabinets fixed but no one really cared. It was like a catch 22. Home Depot said they where waiting for Kraftmaid and Kraftmaid said they where waiting to hear from Home Depot.

I think once they know your really angry and disgruntled they just don't care anymore. They know they already lost you as a customer. Let's face it, most of us will only ever order cabinets once in a life time! So they either win you or lose you.

I finally decided to just return everything. Because Home Depot screwed up the measurements, I was able to back out of the entire deal!

As I begin to tell people of my experience I find that I'm not alone. Ask around, most likely you know someone who has dealt with KraftMaid. See what they have to say.

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  • Ha
      2nd of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This seems unusual . . . I have KraftMaid cabinets throughout my home . . . and they are fantastic. I used an independent KraftMaid dealer, not the big box store people, and they were knowledgable and professional.

  • Md
      10th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I would have to say that I am experiencing some of what Gregg has experienced. While my order was screwed up by the company I bought the KraftMaid cabinets through, Robertson Heating Supply, Kraftmaid has just added to the problem. The sales rep at Robertson obviously didn't know the product line. At the same time when I received my cabinets I was really frustrated to see that the backs were just the 1/8th in thin cardboard to look like wood. I would have gladly paid for the upgrade but unlike Gregg I didn't have time to send my cabinets back. My remodel was already started and I had already waited an extra week and a half over expected delivery to receive them. When they came the whole front of the 92" Utility Cabinet was unattached. There were also a number of screw ups in the order. I had to wait three more weeks to get a replacement Utility Cabinet so I paid my contractors to work on my family room while they waited. I had ordered two additional cabinets and they were supposedly going to be "rushed." I still don't have them. They were finally finished after waiting four weeks for them and before the Kraftmaid rep could pick them up they were burned in the fire that Kraftmaid had in their location. Then after waiting another week and a half for them they finally arrived. They were the wrong size, thank you very much Robertsons Heating Supply. The Kraftmaid rep assured me that they would be put on rush and I should have them in no more then four days. Today I found out I'll get them next week over 11 days later. Don't expect Kraftmaid to rush things for you. I probably won't be buying cabinets again in my life time but I have seven brothers and sisters. Two of my siblings will be redoing their kitchen in the next 18 months. They won't be doing Kraftmaid kitchens.

  • Ba
      11th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    I understand the problem. I would never ever recommend Krapmaid to my worst enemy. I puchased
    full overlay foiled cabinets. Noone, told me if a cabinet is adjacent to an oven or microwave (all cabinets are) that the foil melts. Not only that, my kitchen is only approx. 3 years old and the style has been discontinued, probably because Krapmaid knows the garbage they have been producing. What does a consumer do if a new door or cabinet is needed in the future, purchase an entire new kitchen?

    I went on reputation but apparently they do not have a good one. Extreme Makeover should discontinue using their products. If they only knew the quality!

  • Ho
      5th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    Still waiting for Home Depot / Kraftmaid cabinets. Ordered at end of May, cabinets delivered July 5th and two were wrong. HD swiftly picked up those cabinets and reassured me I would have corrrected cabinets within 1 week. Now its the 5th of august and waiting for a single cabinet that was ordered wrong . Several phone calls to HD were useless, called Kraftmaid and they told me that cabinet was not off the line and then told me it was on a train somewhere, I asked for tracking info and was put on hold for 15 minutes plus before they hung up on me. Terrible customer service, no calls or info from either HD or Kraftmaid. DO NOT even consider using Kraftmaid. Go local so at least you can harass someone in person...

  • Eg
      12th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    i ordered the top of the line cabinetry from Kraft Maid. Cherrywood Cabernet. Nowhere on their site (regarding wood aging and wood types )does it say that the cabinets may have holes and gouges in them. Nowhere on their site does it say that the hand rubbed finish will have small blisters that I imagine will in the near future cause damage. The rep did come out to the house and did say that they would send replacement doors for 18 of the 28 doors. When they came all were worse that the ones hanging. We are still waiting for one cabinet with custom glass that has a hole big enough for a small child to stick their small finger in. .
    The display at the store was perfect as were the samples and nothing was mentioned at the time of sale that this is the way their product is delivered to the end user.
    Although too late for us, the good thing is that we had an installer that had done work for us previously and has for years created custom cabinetry. The price wouuld have been slightly higher for this but over the years would have been worth it and in retrospect should have been the option we selected. The granite and the cabinet install in our kitchen is what makes it. In the morning or when lights shine on the cabinets they are junk. If I can figures out how to take pictures of the flaws in dark wood I will post. Recommend not to buy this product. If you are going to get poor quality why pay more, buy something cheaper.

  • Ap
      25th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    I am in the process of installing Kraftmaid Maple (praline finish) Wickstrom cabinets. I'm troubled by the fact that most of the doors have patches of wood that absorbed the stain differently, resulting in patchy looking spots on obvious places. The side, and top, rails are also not straight and when the cabinets are butted up tightly there are gaps along the sides. I don't know what to do because I can't wait for replacements since my countertops (and sink) are waiting on them and I have displaced my disabled family members during the remodel.

  • Te
      5th of Apr, 2017
    0 Votes

    Kraft maid cabinets SUCK!!! This is our THIRD attempt at trying to get doors without cuts, missing corners, no sealant on wood, extremely large knotholes, splitting wood, etc., etc., etc. Had field rep come out and tell me... "It's a mid line, manufactured cabinet, this is what you're going to get, they're not custom made cabinets, it's manufactured so there is no quality control person, they come from Ohio." ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? We spent a lot of money for these things too and that's the answer we get" Three tries and each replacement is worse than the original.

    DO NOT buy this product.

  • Kr
      26th of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    I have had Krapmaid cabinets in my kitchen for 9 years. Slowly over the years cracks on all the cabinet doors where they are fitted together have appeared AND the paint is chipping off. With a reputable company like this I assumed the lifetime warranty would take care of it. THINK AGAIN!! I contacted Kraft Maid via email and was told to send a list with measurements and some pics. There are quite a few doors and drawer fronts needing badly to be replaced. When they got the list and my pics I got an email back saying my cabinets are discontinued and so is the paint color! They will send me a repair kit which consists of a wax crayon in the color of my cabinet. Now why the hell would they have that in stock when the paint color has been discontinued someone please tell me. They are very sorry but there is no other alternative. I paid over 20k for these cabinets that are supposed to last me a lifetime and I got less than 9 yrs. out of them. Sounds like some of you faired even worse. I'm notifying the better business bureau and maybe some of you should too. Enough complaints maybe they will be put out of business.

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