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FurnitureInFashion reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Oct 18, 2010. The latest review order number 218234 was posted on Mar 16, 2021. The latest complaint country sideboard in white with 3 doors and 1 drawer was resolved on May 29, 2018. FurnitureInFashion has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 18 reviews. FurnitureInFashion has resolved 2 complaints.

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FurnitureInFashion Complaints & Reviews

FurnitureinFashionorder number 218234

I placed this order for a dressing table over 2 months ago
Finally after 1 month I receive the item - but the item is damaged!
The courier left it outside in the rain, the MDF wood as peeled and the box fallen apart, a huge dent on the side of the dressing table.

I was advised to return the damaged item via their courier to receive my refund.

Their courier didn't turn up on the date promised - they still haven't turned up so I cannot return it!

I just want a full refund for my £104.95

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    Received my item and half the parts weren't there been waiting for over a month to receive them. Did not speak to anyone at the place about this you have to do it all through online. This is a way of fobbing you off 😡🤬
    I would like to speak to someone about it what's going to do something about it. But they refuse and still say do it through email and online which. I have done
    Still haven't received my parts. I advise anyone to stay away clear of this company😟😔😡

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Furniture in Fashioncountry sideboard in white with 3 doors and 1 drawer

      Order Number: 155933
      I ordered their 'Country Sideboard' in white on Monday 02 April 2018.

      The item arrived chipped on the top and did not assemble correctly despite following the instructions to the letter. We even took it apart and reassembled it, as advised, but the door would still not align properly. I sent photos of the sideboard detailing my complaint but the issue has still not been resolved. Customer services suggested that we had put the furniture together incorrectly which is terrible customer service. It is clearly a manufacturing fault that Furniture in Fashion should take full responsibility for. This item of furniture is not fit for use. I paid £152.96 GBP for it, and as such, would expect the furniture to be in perfect condition and manufactured correctly. This is completely unacceptable.


      Heather McCabe

      country sideboard in white with 3 doors and 1 drawer
      country sideboard in white with 3 doors and 1 drawer
      country sideboard in white with 3 doors and 1 drawer
      country sideboard in white with 3 doors and 1 drawer

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        Furniture in Fashion have offered to discount the whiteboard that I bought, as they do not currently have any more in stock to exchange it with. I am happy with this resolution.

        Furniture in Fashiondining chair

        Stay away from this company for your peace of mind!! i had ordered for a dining table and 6 chairs. First of all the whole order took 2 months to arrive for which they were good in terms of keeping me posted. Once the products arrived; the chairs we received were not of good make/quality hence we decided to return or exchange it against other chairs. We were shocked to know that we have to bear the return charges. This was never told to us. We were always told by their customer service rep. that we could try the chair and return it if we are not comfortable and the return should be within 14 days. Also; there are no reviews on a particular product on their website so how can anyone buy a particular product just based on a picture and description given by company?

        Finally; i had also demanded for call recordings of our previous conversation which they declined very rudely stating they cannot share with me. This company is good in misleading. I also asked them to refund based on "Sales of goods act 1979" but they kept repeating the same thing that i have to bear the return charges; which i am not willing to.

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          FurnitureinFashion — What a joke!

          I have purchased a table from FurnitureInFashion and when it finally arrived it was in a terrible condition...

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          Furniture in Fashion — Faulty goods

          This company refused to accept that the mirror I bought back in June is falling to pieces. The photos speak...

          Furniture in FashionTerrible customer service

          I have ordered a tv unit from this company on 08/09 and paid an extra £30 for a Saturday delivery. I have spent the entire Saturday at home as the delivery window is from 8am-5pm and nothing was delivered. I have tried to call the delivery company and Furniture in Fashion at least 20 times but the phones don't work on Saturdays so the clients that need a Saturday delivery are left without any help or support. I called the company on Monday reporting the problem and asked the delivery for the following Saturday which again never happened. Complete waste of time and money. We spent 2 weeks waiting and 2 Saturdays at home for a delivery that never happened and that we have paid extra for it. I called then again the Monday after that and they offered the delivery for the next Saturday which I refused for no longer trusting this company and asked a refund on 19/09. They told me the refund would take 2-3 working days and after 8 days I still haven't got my money back. Apart from the issue regarding the money I just want to express how I am shocked with the lack of respect that this company treats their customers. I have spent the last week and a half chasing a refund that it was suppose to take 2-3 working days and they don't answer my emails, they don't give me a plausible explanation for this, they don't even take my calls as I have been trying to talk to the person responsible for this. PLEASE AVOID THIS COMPANY BY ALL MEANS!! THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS AFTER THEY TAKE THE MONEY FROM YOU.

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            FurnitureinFashionBad company!

            I hate writing reviews but FurnitureInFashion really deserves it! My order arrived with multiple damages and there was not way I could use it. When I tried to contact customer service they did not reply. I tried to find any sort of information about these guys, tried to find some extra ways to reach them, but no matter how hard I've tried I never received a reply. I'm stuck with a defective product and they still have my money. I have no idea what to do! I left several reviews on different websites, and that's my only hope they'll notice me! I would not recommend FurnitureInFashion, they are true scammers and it's impossible to reach them!

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              FurnitureinFashionBar stools

              This is my first review ever.
              We purchased 3 identical bar stools and very soon I developed a crack across the seat. These stools where for display mostly and only my daughter then 13 would sit on one occasionally. As with other customers complaints we received automated replies and found that it would be spun out so long you almost gave up.
              We had one stool replaced eventually which was a nightmare in itself to get sorted, and then the other 2 stools went the same way so that's 4 in total. Trying to get a personal or genuine response was impossible and we gave up and today have thrown away the last of the stools which has prompted me to write this review. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE save your money and the stress and spend your hard earned cash elsewhere rather than hand it over to this excuse for a company. Never buy from them no matter how cheap you might find them. Its not value for money when it ends up as garbage.

              Bar stools

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                FurnitureinFashion — Unacceptable!

                I have never written a review online before however these guys from FurnitureInFashion deserved it! My order...

                Furniture in FashionCoffee table

                I received a coffee table which required assembling. Part way through assembling the table I noticed the under side of the table was damaged but also that an attempt had been made to fix the damage with putty glue! I complained about this and furniture in fashion told me I would have to arrange for and pay for a courier to collect the item and send it back to them and once they had assessed the damage they would then decide how to proceed. Having researched with the Citizens Advice Bureau they assured me that I didn't have to pay for the courier given that the item had been damaged so I managed to send it back to them without any cost to myself. They have confirmed they received the item over 2 weeks ago but due to it being Christmas time (even though I sent the item back in November) they still haven't been able to assess the damage and give me my refund. In addition, every time I try to call it takes about 3 or 4 attempts to get through to the right department. When I have tried to escalate the issue they refuse to put me in touch with their senior managers and instead fob me off with an excuse that they are away. This is an extremely dodgy company and it feels like they are producing inferior quality furniture and do not support their customers when complaints are being made. I will never use them again and would advise anyone thinking of doing so to stay away. Look at all of the complaints about them as it doesn't take a genius to figure out that they are completely dodgy. Very unsatisfied customer, Surrey

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                  Furniture in FashionRavenna Chairs

                  They actually blackmailed me to take down my last review otherwise they wouldn't send me out a replacement chair frame due to their damage! When I received the first set of my 6 Ravenna chairs they had rust, scuff marks and dents all over the chrome. When I sent them photos they actually said "we don't see what the problem is"! It took about 20 tickets and in the in end I agreed to them sending me a replacement set as they didn't want to give me a refund! I asked for a Saturday delivery so I don't lose any more time off work. The deal was they deliver, the delivery men wait around for us to check the items, if they were no good then we send everything back. When they arrived, 3 of the chairs were just “ok” and the other 3 weren’t. After reading reviews of people not receiving their refund after 2-3 years there was no way I was sending everything back. So I kept the 3 and contacted them again, with photos saying there is still rust, scuffs and dents on the remaining 3. Again “we don’t see what the problem is” and accused me of using them and causing the damage myself as it took me a week to issue a ticket! The ticketing system was not working, and even though I called a number of times, they said I can’t speak to nobody unless I issue a ticket. In this time I thought it’s all over, so we tried to put the chairs together. One of the frames was completely wrong and the holes were drilled in the wrong place so it wouldn’t fit together. Anyway I trashed their company to anybody that would listen and that is when they blackmailed me to take down my reviews otherwise I will not get my frame. After about another 20 tickets I took down my review for the sake of sorting this out, they said they will send another 3 out, but not on Saturday. “We can’t keep giving you a Saturday delivery again and again” even though it’s their damaged goods! So again, loss of earning, sitting at home waiting for a delivery. Typically it was delivered by UK mail who are equally ridiculous and the delivery man wouldn’t let me take the parcel without a signature. After an argument I had no choice but to sign, when I opened the package, surprise surprise they sent ANOTHER wrong frame! As you can imagine I was losing the plot. Another ticket issued basically and they proceeded to say they will send out another frame. So, 3 days of loss of earning, 6 frames with rust, dents and scuffs which claim to be manufacturing damage, which they seem to think is acceptable. They appear to be under the impression that I’ve never purchased furniture before in good condition and manufacturing damage is ok! Now I have 6 frames that have rust, scuffs and dents, 3 days out of pocket for deliveries and over 100 man hours spent to sort it out. The funny thing is they have not even offered any compensation or money back for their junk! I intend on telling the world to stay away from them so that they are put out of business and save people from the stress I’ve suffered due to Furniture in Fashion! I have contacted the citizens advice consumer services who have passed my case on to trading standards. They have informed me of the actions I need to take to get some compensation for loss of earnings or some money back off the original price I paid. They also appear to write their own positive reviews on some websites which you can tell come from them due to their consistently bad English which matches their responses on my tickets. They know they are a rip off proving second hand furniture/junk at premium prices…they wouldn’t have starred on rip off Britain otherwise.

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                    Furniture in FashionShoddy/damaged good

                    Customer service non existent. Goods ordered, no mention of delivery, phone goes to answerphone, message left - no reply. Had to E mail CEO with threats of exposure on social media to get response. Goods arrived with damage. Had to go through same procedure. Complaint now with Trading Standards, and posted on social media. WILL NEVER USE AGAIN, OR RECOMMEND,

                    Shoddy/damaged good

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                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      FurnitureinFashionfaulty goods

                      This company delivered three items I ordered and if they all arrived in good condition no doubt I would be singing their praises but 1 item was delivered with a defect and I emailed them with details (only 75 characters allowed) and pictures (also required by this company) I received an answer asking if I would accept various choices instead of a refund, I was open as I did like the item in question (TV stand).I duly emailed back that I was prepared to accept replacement part, discount, replacement item or, as I was decorating the house goods in kind. Now despite various other emails I have been completely ignored.(Oh and just try calling to complain and see how far you get).
                      1 month later still no reply, remember I purchased three items not just one and have absolutely no problems with the other two items a nest of tables and a tv stand for my sons room. If your goods arrive in good condition like any other company on the planet they are fantastic to deal with, BUT if they are faulty just try to get a resolution to the problem. So do not pay attention to great reviews of fantastic goods arriving in perfect condition that's never a problem with any company, take a look at those poor consumers trying to deal with this company in the event of a problem with faulty goods you will find the same complaint every time and that is no coincidence.

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                        • Un
                          unknown3 Oct 05, 2014

                          i agree they are fraudulent I had to go to my credit card to get my money back. they should not be trading
                          the goods are not fit for purpose
                          I have reported them to trading standards and do not reccomend them to any body

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                        Furnitureinfashion.netThe worst customer service I have ever experienced

                        The worst customer service I have ever experienced! impossible to even find out what happened to my order after I purchased £1500 from their website. They have no interest for customer care, nothing seems to progress - I place the order almost three months ago adn have been chasing them ever since then. Nobody ever returns calls or shows any willing to help. Absolute nightmare!

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                          • Sa
                            Sarah V Aug 29, 2014

                            Ordered sideboard which was defective. Product was returned. Despite months of calls and emails, no refund has been issued. Online reviews confirm my experience - these people are borderline fraudulent and should not be trading. Avoid at all costs.

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                          • An
                            Anchezz Jun 07, 2012
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            I ordered an item from this company on 06 March 2012, and to date have not received it. I also have had no reply to the many emails I have sent them.

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                          • Du
                            Dulbine Dec 15, 2011
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            They sent faulty goods, collected them and I'm still struggling to get my refund 1 month later!!

                            If you want to waste your time and chuck your money away this is the company that will accomadate but if you want quaility furniture and customer care steer clear.

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                          Furnitureinfashion.netUnreliable communications & untrustworthy service & 10 pound cancellation charge

                          Useless company - unreliable communications & untrustworthy service & 10 pound cancellation charge – avoid at all costs!

                          I ordered a coffee table from this company over the web and got an email receipt but then heard nothing back from them. So 2 days later I got in touch to find out what was going on with my delivery. I was told they had checked their stock and found one in the warehouse but it had a scratched glass shelf so they would have to backorder a new one which would take 5-10 days. Fair enough I thought, I would rather wait a week for a new item then get a scratched one.

                          So the following week I still had not heard anything so I got in touch again. I was then told it would take 10-15 days plus another week for delivery. OK I thought I’m gonna have to wait because I don’t seem to have much choice.

                          Finally after waiting for 3 weeks I phoned again. I was then told that item was on order and would be arriving in another 5 days and would then be sent out. At this point I told them I wanted to cancel my order as I was sick of waiting and being fobbed off. They then made it clear that they couldn’t take cancellations on the phone and I would have to raise a ticket which I duly did, but then didn’t hear anything again for another 2 days! So I phoned them up feeling pretty angry and asked them to cancel my order and send me confirmation by email. Eventually someone said they would do this and issue a full refund.

                          Later that day I received another call from a desperate sounding salesman – lo and behold - they'd looked in their warehouse and found the glass shelf for the coffee table. Apparently it had been missing all this time and was not, as I was previously told, so scratched that they couldn’t send it out. Hmmmm, this bunch of liars can’t even get their story straight!

                          Anyway eventually I received a refund, minus 10 pounds as a standard cancellation fee.

                          So my experience of this company is that they make no effort to keep you informed of what’s going on, they make it difficult to get a refund and they make stuff up to keep you happy. All in all a very stressful experience which resulted in me being 10 pounds poorer.

                          Happily though after all of this had happened I then found another store ( which was selling the same item at just over half the price (189GBP vs 335GBP). I ordered and had it delivered within a week :-)

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                            Furnitureinfashion.netDo not waste your time or money with this company

                            Do not waste your time or money with this company!

                            I was put off this company before I made my purchase - one of those websites where you must create an account before even finding out the postage charges. I made the order only because I could find nowhere else that sold the same product. Big mistake!

                            The item arrived damaged and I then tried to contact the company. The only way to contact them is through their website and that website is only available during office hours! You cannot send a message or read their response outside of office hours! Unbelievable.

                            They told me they would send a replacement and collect the damaged lamp but the driver came just to collect with no replacement. I had already taken 2 days off work and was now fed up with dealing with these incompetent people so I asked for a refund.

                            After about 2 months of arguing with them they finally refunded my money after taking off £40 for delivery and collection. £40 to return a damaged product!

                            Avoid this company at all costs!

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