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Slow Roasted Turkey Breast. (9 oz)

UPC: [protected] 2

Codes on end flap:
MIT 6918507/3/17
Number under barcode on flap: 020

Upon opening to heat the frozen meal, there was a VERY small amount of turkey in the container. I would expect more from a "meal". This is not a "snack". I expect more from Smart Ones.
There are other healthy meal choices available. These are too expensive for what was in the container.

Kraft Foods
Kraft Foods

Aug 23, 2017
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  • Te
      Jun 24, 2018

    I bought two Smart Ones dinners one meatloaf with mashed potatoes one turkey with mashed potatoes. In both cases the potatoes were like soup and there was not much meat. The prices have gone up but the quality has gone down.
    Upc 25800023202

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  • Ca
      Sep 11, 2018

    @Tecbabe I Haas the same issue with UPC 25800023202. Watery potatoes tasted like green beans with lots of chunks of shredded potato and the turkey tasted like pepper...not turkey!

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  • Ca
      Sep 11, 2018

    Had to throw out the Upc 25800023202 turkey dinner. Watery potatoes gross peppery tasting meat. Very disappointing!

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  • Ro
      Sep 12, 2018

    Unfortunately I threw away the box, so I don't know the UPC; however, the turkey in my turkey dinner was overwhelmed by the sage, and the potatoes were soup with a few potato shreds mixed in for a tiny bit of "chew." I thought the potatoes might thicken on standing - but they did not. This is not how I want to reduce calories (potato water instead of real potatoes). I would normally spoon a little gravy into the potatoes - but then I would have slightly potato-flavored gravy - but runnier than normal gravy. Yes, the gravy is actually thicker than the potatoes...Very disappointed as other Smart One offerings are better quality, and as other commentators have noted, there are also other brands. I definitely will not buy this again.

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